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Fall Pests: Ant Infestations in Orange County

  • Fall Pests: Ant Infestations in Orange County

    Fall Pests: Ant Infestations in Orange County

    In most cold regions of the country, ants go into a dormant, hibernation-like state during the chilly fall months. But in Orange County, our temperate and balmy climate is a bit of a double-edged sword. It’s usually warm enough for ants to stay active all year long—yet just chilly enough that they may be encouraged to move indoors to stay protected from the elements. 

    Here at Preferred Pest Control, we see an uptick in ant infestations each fall. And as Orange County’s pest control professionals, we’re offering some quick tips on what you can do to keep these unwanted pests out of your home this fall — plus info on how to deal with an infestation already in progress.  

    Keep Your Home Sparkling Clean 

    When it comes to their motivations, ants are a lot like other household pests. They simply want easily accessible sources of food and water, and a reasonably warm living space with few predators around. 

    Ants aren’t picky when it comes to meals—any organic waste will do. That includes crumbs, spilled sugary beverages, even garbage or compost straight out of the bin. It doesn’t take much to sustain these tiny critters, so do your best to keep a clean living space and starve them out. Regularly vacuuming and wiping down countertops goes a long way, as does taking your garbage out to the curb on a regular basis. 

    Secure Food Sources

    As effective as it would be at keeping ants away, you can’t simply remove all food from your home. What would you and your family eat? But securing perishables in the fridge, and dry goods in tightly lidded containers, can go a long way towards keeping them out of ants’ reach. 

    Remember, a manufacturer’s original packaging generally isn’t intended to be ant-proof. Cereal boxes, for instance, aren’t going to prevent insects from accessing the tasty, good-smelling food inside—some ants even see the cardboard as a tasty treat itself! Try reusable plastic storage containers with locking lids. 

    Eliminating Ant Infestations 

    Walk into any pharmacy or home supply store, and you’re likely to find all sorts of sprays and traps designed to control ant infestations. At best, these will kill ants if they happen to make direct contact, and can alter their movement patterns if placed in key areas. At worst, they may contain chemicals that are hazardous to human and pet health as well. 

    Ultimately, these over-the-counter methods won’t do much if you don’t manage to eliminate the colony itself—ants reproduce very quickly and aren’t exactly easy to intimidate. The only way to ensure that an ant infestation is taken care of is to call in the pest control professionals for assistance. 

    At Preferred Pest Control, we’re proud to be Orange County’s premier eco-friendly pest control specialists. Call us today at (714) 486-2637, or send a message online and let us know how we can help. 

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