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Learn from the pros (Preferred Pest Control) about how to best handle an infesation of Earwigs and find out the best ways for gettind rid of them once and for all!

Earwig Facts - The Earwig is a very dark brown color and is a flat insect about 1 inch in length with pinchers on their bodies. They have 2 sets of wings but are not very good at using them. They discharge a foul smelling liquid to scare off enemies as a defense mechanism and have pheromones to stick together with other earwigs.Even with it's pinchers, the earwig is not a dangerous insect. It is very rare for one to actually bite you and even if it did, it isn't an issue.Earwigs are said to be seasonal insects that are abundent in the spring months. Earwigs can be found mostly under rocks and crevices outdoors. Indoors, the earwig will go to more humid places where there is water, like the kitchen or the bathroom. Earwigs hide during the daytime and are most active at night where they consume plants and other smaller insects.

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To remove an earwig infestation, start by getting rid of any places where they might hide. Clean your yard and home by eliminating debris and clutter. Earwigs like to hide in cool, dark places, so keep that in mind. Moisture is key to controlling earwig populations so make sure your home or business is ventilated properly. Dealing with Earwig infesation is not fun and we at Preferred Pest Control understand that. Make it easier on yourself and call us and we will survey the area, introduce methods of earwig population control, and get your Orange County home or business back to normal and earwig free.


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