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Black and Brown Widow Removal in Orange County

Black and Brown Widow Removal in Orange County


In Southern California -- especially Orange County -- Black and Brown Widows are everywhere! Learn how to exterminate these pesky spiders from your home or business from Preferred Pest Control.Black Widow Spider - The black widow spider is very adaptable and can withstand very hot and dry weather, which is one of the reasons they are so abundent in SoCal California. They love messy clutter as it makes a perfect home for this shy spider who likes to hide during the daytime, away from human activity. Rocks, holes, crevices in the walls, and between bricks are just some of the typical places where one can find black widow spiders.Black Widow Spiders can be identified by it's black color and a red mark on the underside of it's abdomen which resembles a hour glass.If a black widow happens to bite you, make sure to seek medical attention. If bitten, you can expect a fever, sweating, stomache-ache, and possible numbness. Anti-venom for this type of spider bite exists and symptoms should dissapear after about 30 minutes when treated by a medical professional.

Brown Widow Spider

Unlike the Black Widow Spider's enjoyment of all things hot and dry, the Brown Widow Spider is most commonly found in subtropical locations and is why it was previously only known to exist in Florida. Recently, however, the Brown Widow Spider has been sighted in SoCal and Texas.As you would have guessed, the brown widow spider is brown! Like the black widow, the brown widow also has a hourglass shape under it's abdomen but it's orange in color and has a yellow border around it.The brown widow spider has as much venom as that of a black widow spider but its bite is much milder as the brown widow spider doesn't release as much venom as a black widow bite. There is usually the pain from the initial bite but there are no flu-like symptoms. If any symptoms do occur, please seek medical attention.


How to Control and Remove Black Widow Spiders and Brown Widow Spiders - To get rid of Black Widow Spiders and Brown Widow Spiders, keep your home and yard mess free and clutter to an absolute minimum so any spiders don't have a chance to settle down and make a home for themselves. Sweeping and vacuuming is also a good idea as you should be as tidy as possible when dealing with spiders.Dealing with a spider infestation will involve professionals as DIY methods and chemical pesticides that you can purchase will not deal with black and brown widow spider populations by themselves. Call Preferred Pest Control today to schedule an appointment for you spider problem. We will inspect the residence, identify problem areas, introduce methods of control, and educate you on how to keep away Black Widow and Brown Widow spiders for good!

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