Testimonial – Orange County Pest Control


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These folks are great. From start to finish by listening to their advice and instructions we had a remarkably smooth experience. Yes it takes a bit of work to make sure the perimeter of the house was clear, open food removed or bagged and plants next to the house removed but all that meant a great job.

Larry's knowledge of the insects he is treating for is voluminous!! Who knew a spider could hold his breath for 24hrs!! He also helped us out with some fencing that needed to be un-nailed from the side of the house. A really professional guy. The staff I spoke to to schedule appointments in their office (Liz and Rita) were really friendly and went the extra distance to help me out.

Grace ("Dr. Fume") who managed the actual 'tenting team' was also a major standout. With 30+ years experience under her belt, the fact she was personable, caring and always available assuaged any concerns we may have had. She made sure the guys were careful around nearby plants and structures. Those guys sure make it look easy.

Went into this as a first timer with lots of trepidation but working with Preferred made it really go smoothly. Hats off to them.

Fred J. Costa Mesa - Yelp

This is a very professional company. Robert did an inspection in my home and was so courteous and thorough! Thankyou Preferred Pest Control for being so easy to work with! What a pleasure it was.

Kristen P. Aliso Viejo - Yelp

My garage had a really bad case of flea infestation due to my pet and I've bombed the garage twice with the Flea Foggers and the results were ineffective. So I've decided to search for a few local pest control companies. Found a couple with great reviews on Yelp and none of them specializes in flea infestation, until I've reached out to Preferred Peat Control. They were very responsive and despite the fact that they were booked all day, they still managed to send a specialist out. Eric is the name of the gentlemen who came in and did the inspection. They charged $50 for inspection which will go towards the cost of the remediation process. Pricing was extremely fair for the whole thing and they give you a 30 day warranty if the problem persisted. I have to say Eric was extremely kind and professional, always on time and very responsive to calls and text messages if you have any questions. I will recommend them to all my friends/family/neighbors. Keep up the great work Eric!

Brian B. Newport Beach - Yelp

I randomly noticed little, harmless , slow moving bugs (was told later that they were spring tails) and spiders inside the house. I am deathly afraid and frankly grossed out by bugs so I went on Yelp to find a solution. Preferred pest control is awesome. The technician, Eric, is on time, very friendly and professional, and I've learned more about bug activity on the first visit than I have my whole life haha. One visit from him and I haven't seen a spring tail since. I am on a monthly service with them and today is the second visit. Eric is back and professional as always. After this visit, I don't think I'll be needing a monthly service but possibly quarterly. Either way, I highly recommend preferred pest control!

Vivian Y. Huntington Beach – Yelp


We are floored by this company's honesty. The staff who came to help us didn't charge us a single penny because he was unable to get rid of the problem. He did a lot of work in the house and even used his own stuff, but he still did not accept any form of payment.

Here's what happened...

We called asking if they can help us with bird problems in our house. Birds are pretty cool, but not when they live in our attic and we could hear them day and night chirping and scratching. It was driving us crazy. One of their staff came and did exterior attic work in order to close any possible entry from unwanted birds and other pests. While he was up there, he found 3 birds. He was only able to remove 1 bird and was unable to access the other 2. He was honest and told us that he didn't feel comfortable charging us for unfinished work. We wanted to pay him because he dud patch holes and removed 1 bird and he worked for at least 2 hours. But he still politely refused ^_^.

I recommend this company!

Rebekkah C. Orange County, CA - Yelp

Talk about fantastic service! I called them on Monday afternoon and by early Wednesday morning Eric was at my door.

He performed a thorough inspection both inside and outside my home - and explained his findings in a way I could understand. Throughout the service call, he was the perfect balance of professional and personable. He was considerate and asked permission about accessing different parts of my home.

In addition to Eric, Liz (my contact for scheduling and paying for the service) was great. She was friendly and prompt with all of her responses.

They are my new go-to people for pests (bugs, rodents & other creepy-crawlies).

Leigh P. Irvine - Yelp

Would highly recommend if anybody needs a quote and to get the job done efficiently these are the guys. I had drywood termites in my bedroom and got a quote and pest cleared within 2 days. The customer service is excellent and how thorough all the employees were to my question had me feel at ease through the whole process.

Vincent L. Fountain Valley - Yelp

It's a well deserved review for Brittney who handles the calls, appointments and follow-up and Larry, who did the inspection. Very personalized and professional service: they addressed my needs, answered my questions, and returned my calls promptly and courteously. They also were able to schedule the fumigation in no time a few days later. Although I am lucky to have the house fumigated while undergoing renovation (no furniture to move or damage to be concerned about), it all went pretty much without a hitch. Even if there was any issue, I am pretty confident they would have resolved the situation. Very pleased from start to finish and I highly recommend this company. Oh, and price-wise - they were actually lower than a previous quote.

Tess D. Anaheim - Yelp

5 stars without a doubt. Friendly and polite service-this includes the receptionist. An absolute pleasure doing business them, we'll enthusiastically do business with them and would recommend them to our family and friends.

Nicholas J. Oceanside, San Diego - Yelp

Job well done! Their receptionist was able work me into their busy schedule the day I called. Eric was great and very knowledgeable. We even got a surprise visit from his manager, Larry, who stopped by to see how things were going. I was thoroughly impressed with both of them and the company.

Keith B. Costa Mesa - Yelp