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termite treatment in Anaheim

termite treatment in Anaheim

A Guide on Proper Termite Treatment for Your Home

Termite infestation can cause serious damage to the structures in your home. Considering the kind of climate Anaheim has, there is always the risk of an infestation. Regular inspection and termite treatment in Anaheim can help keep your home safe and protected from white ants.


How Often Should You Have Termite Treatments?

It is important to know the conditions that affect the time period between different treatments. Look for a company offering termite treatment in Anaheim that has lots of experience. Experience and certifications are important in helping a pest control expert determine the frequency of the treatments. The two main types of treatments include:

  • Baiting Stations
  • Liquid Treatments

The termite colony’s density determines how effective a treatment is going to be. It will be harder for the experts to guarantee 100% eradication in the case of a larger termite colony. This means more frequent treatment or higher volume of products will be required to treat such an infestation. Look for an experienced and certified expert that can evaluate the infestation and provide you a detailed report on the plan for termite treatment in Anaheim. They can also inform you how severe the condition is and how aggressive the treatment plan should be.



Treatment Application Rates

There are different application rates for termiticides. The two most commonly used rates last for 3 years and 5 years. However, regular inspection will be required to ensure that the infestation hasn’t found a way back. The longer application rate will involve the pest control experts checking the whole house for the treatment.



Drywood Termites

Termites are capable of surviving in dry conditions. In such a case, soil termite treatment in Anaheim may not be as effective as usual. This is why a thorough treatment is required that also involves application of liquid around the outdoors. This is important for preventing the insects from entering your home. The treatment should also involve treating dry wood wherever termite activity is noticed.



Dampwood Termites

There are subterranean termites that can survive only in moist soil. This is where soil treatment on the exterior of your home plays an important role in keeping the insects out. The insects can enter your home through any untreated area in the soil. Your pest control company should treat all the empty areas under your home. They should also treat the wood with the right wood-injecting and wood-penetrating products.


So make sure to keep these points in mind when it comes to termite treatment in Anaheim. Look for an experienced and certified company that provides custom treatment solutions based on the kind of termite infestation you have.