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Ant prevention in Santa Ana

Ant prevention in Santa Ana

Ant Prevention in Santa Ana - Preferred Pest Control

What Draws Ants to Your Home & How to Remove Them?

Most of the time, ants are drawn to your home by food substances. Some regions have ants all-round the year while others have them during the rainy season. There are even more reasons why ants can be drawn to your home. If you are seeking solutions for Ant prevention in Santa Ana, this guide is for you.



Why are Ants drawn to Your Home?

There are some human activities that can cause ants to be drawn to a home. These include the following:

  • Dirty Surfaces: Dirty surfaces such as countertops and tables work as magnets for ants. Make sure to wipe the countertop clean after food preparation. And do the same after you have had your meals on the table.
  • Ripe Fruits & Sweet Foods: It is best to consume ripe fruits first and not to allow them to sit out or in the refrigerator for long. The scent of very ripe fruits is going to draw ants. Sweet and sugary foods should be kept in tightly closed containers.
  • Consuming Foods in Other Rooms: Another reason ants are drawn to your home is because you take food to rooms other than your dining area. This can draw ants to rooms with clothes and carpets. Remember, it is difficult to remove ants from such rooms.

If you want Ant prevention in Santa Ana in your home, you should take certain steps.



Ant Prevention in Your Home

So follow these tips to prevent ants from invading your home.

  • Store all the foodstuff in airtight containers
  • Food scraps should be removed to sealed bins
  • Tables and countertops should be wiped clean with water every time you have placed food on them
  • Regularly trim the trees and plants close to the house so that they don’t touch the building
  • Seal all potential entry points for ants near the windows and doors
  • Get your home inspected for Ant prevention in Santa Ana by professional pest controllers on a regular basis


Ant prevention in Santa Ana will involve a full inspection of your home. The detailed report will mention the type of ants that may be affecting your property and the ideal treatments to remove them. This can include the application of certain chemicals in the areas surrounding the ant colony. The experts can also use baits for drawing ants and sanitize the area after elimination. So if you have an ant problem in your home, you should call the professionals to help remove them and prevent future infestation.

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