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Welcome to the website of the last pest, termite, and rodent company you'll ever need again. We're homeowners, parents, and pet owners that strive to live up to our motto Honesty, Integrity, and Excellence. We are a full service OC Pest Control Company that believes in exceeding our customer’s expectations. 

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How to prevent rodents in Newport Beach - Preferred Pest Control

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Whether it's outstanding service, showing up when scheduled, knowledgeable staff, or just a desire to be treated the way you should be treated, you've found what you've been searching for. We offer monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly services tailored to your special pest control needs.  We give two hour windows on our pest control services so you don’t have to spend your day waiting around. Isn’t it time you should be treated the same way? Give us a call and see that not all companies are equal.

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