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What are the Different Types of Termite Control Treatments?

Every year, billions of dollars are spent in treating termite infestations. Whether you have an infestation or not, it is much more economical to conduct periodic Pest control Santa Ana inspections to prevent termites from attacking and damaging your home. So what are the different types of treatments and how can they help you. This guide introduces you to these different termite infestation treatments.


Subterranean Terminate Infestations

Pest control services identify subterranean terminate infestations by performing inspections and using monitoring stations. Once areas with high termite activities are located, the monitoring stations are replaced with bait stations. The baits have slow-action effect and helps in the destruction of the termite colony.

In the past, pre-construction treatments were used. The method may still be in use, but many other more effective treatment methods have been developed by Pest control santa Ana services. This includes:

  • Local treatment
  • Fumigation
  • Foam treatment
  • Slab injection treatments

It is also recommended to sign-up for annual maintenance policies to ensure that the problem doesn’t return. Some Pest control santa Ana services also provide preventative treatment solutions to protect your home for a long time.

Wood Treatment Methods

Professional services can use a wide range of methods for destroying termite colonies. They can also put preventative measures in place to prevent colonies from springing up again. There are different types of wood treatments including:

  • Injected sprays
  • Surface sprays
  • Foams
  • Borate treatment

Borate wood treatments are widely used for eliminating existing termites and preventing future infestations. Pre-construction treatments include surface applications when the building is being constructed. Foams and injections are used after construction.

The bait treatment system involves installation of bait stations around your home or at specific sites with high termite presence. The Pest control santa Ana may also monitor the stations regularly to ensure that your home stays protected from potential infestations.