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Ant removal in Santa Ana

~Ant removal in Santa Ana~

Ant removal in Santa Ana - Preferred Pest Control

Importance of Ant Removal & Extermination in Your Home


Ants, whether in small numbers or in large numbers, can be a sign that there is an ant colony in or near your home. Unlike other pests, ants may not be carriers of disease, but a colony can eat into anything and can cause serious damage to your home and belongings. Ants can eat into electrical devices, wires, insulation, and walls. The colonies can be set up inside roof and wall cavities or even beneath paved areas. Over time, this can result in significant damage to your building. So the moment you see ants in your home, you should get professional help for Ant removal in Santa Ana.



Ant Removal & Control

So what are the steps involved in Ant removal in Santa Ana?

  • Ant Species Identification: Not all ants are the same, so it is important to correctly identify the species. It is best to get professional pest control help if you see ants in your home. Different species not only have different habitats, they can also cause different types and levels of damage.


  • Prevent Entry: Once your pest control service provider has identified and removed the ants, they will guide you about how to prevent the pests from entering your home. Ants can enter a building through cracks, holes, and gaps in the outdoor walls. Seal all areas where pipes, conduit, and wires enter the building.


  • Remove Debris: Most homes will have some type of debris lying around. This could be boards, logs, or rocks that allow the soil to become moist underneath. If you have firewood stored near your home, move them away.


  • Remove Moisture: Remove any moisture in or around your home that can draw in ants. This includes checking for water leaks in pipes or on roofs. It is also important that the downspouts and gutters move rain farther away from your house.



Get Professional Help

Professional Ant removal in Santa Ana involves the application of extermination chemicals that spread out to the entire colony. The ants exposed to the substance carry it to the colony, leading to its destruction. The pest controllers will conduct a final inspection of the area before sanitizing it.

Once your home has been treated for Ant removal in Santa Ana, you should keep your home clean. Don’t keep anything near the building where ants can build a colony. Keep the area around the foundation clean and clear. Remove all the mulch on a regular basis.



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