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Meet Mixed. Clean, responsive, retina ready, modern and truly powerful HTML template. This is one of our most beautiful and most powerful templates.

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We proudly present you Mixed. Our finest, modern, powerful, beuatiful and easy to use HTML template.
We put a lot of effort in this one to provide you truly endless possibilities of creating unique and eye candy layouts.

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We have quite a few years of experience in web design and development and are constantly pushing our limits to bring creative, unique, fresh and modern looking layouts. This is one of the newest. Mixed is really multipurpose and ready for any business. This type of layout is perfect for creative agencies or freelancers that want to present their work in creative way and stay remembered by their clients..

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We put a lot of effort in this template to offer perfect, modern, professional looking starting point for your company or personal website. There are endless possibilities of design options and elements you can use to create truly unique website.

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Mixed is fully responsive template that is built upon Bootstrap 1170 grid and will adapt perfectly on all screen resolutions. Not only it's responsive, but it's also retina ready and will look perfect on any sharp screen.

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Mixed includes large amount of elements you can use on any layout and multiple design options, from choosing header, footer, background color, parallax background options and many, many more.

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