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Spider Control Orange County

Spider Control Orange County


Have no fear… Preferred Pest Control is here!! We believe in mixing the newest technologies with the old tried and true products and services. For Spiders, we use backpack sprayers so we have better control of location and amount of product needed to rid of them.One of our licensed spider inspectors will perform a full inspection. Upon completion of inspection, you will receive a detailed report stating all findings, recommendations and pricing.Preferred General Contracting & Exterminating offers 2 year warranties on our fumigations and a 1 year warranty on all spider treatment. We will treat your home windows, door jams, eaves and all entry points on the ground floors and pay special attention to avoid children’s and pet’s toys.Interiors are treated for spiders with a wide variety of products designed to get you back into a spider free environment asap.We are the best choice you could make for Spider Elimination! Let us get rid of your spider infestation for you and we’ll show you how nice it is to live in a spider free home.  

Managing Spiders in your home or office

Spiders enter a home and offices through doors, cracks in walls, windows, and objects carried in from outside. Managing them can be fairly simple if you sweep and vacuum regularly.Having screens on doors and windows is very effective and keeping plants away from your house is also helpful to not invite spiders and insects (their food) into the house.Although feared and disliked by most people, spiders serve an important contribution to the ecosystem as predators of insects and most of them are not even harmful. The harmful ones stay away from humans and the ones you encounter out during the day are typically not dangerous. If you should have an infestation of a certain spider however, call us at Preferred Pest Control and we will take care of it!


There are many spiders in Orange County, including the Silver Argiope (a spider with silver spots on its back) and the Banded Argiope (black and yellow stripes). Other types include the Labyrinth Spider (round red spider), the Arabesque Orbweaver (white and red designed tan spider), Tarantulas, Wolf Spiders, and Jumping Spiders are also very common along with many more.Black Widow spiders are the most common harmful spider but they are fearful of humans and the bites are not as dangerous as some think. In over 10 years, no one has died from a Black Widow spider bit.The famous Brown Recluse spider however, does not live in California contrary to what people seem to believe and spider bites are often misdiagnosed. The Wolf Spider is often mistaken for a Brown Recluse but its bites are not dangerous and does not require medial attention.Dont let Spiders ruin your day! Give us a call and we'll take all the stress off your back...

Did you know that Preferred Pest Control offers monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly Spider Services tailored to your needs? It’s true!  We also give two hour windows on our pest control services so you don’t have to spend your day waiting around for the entire day.

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