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rat removal in santa ana

rat removal in santa ana


Why is it So Important to Hire Professional Rat Removal Services?

Rats can do much more harm than startling you and being annoying pests around your home. They can also have a negative effect on your home’s hygiene and be hazardous to your family’s health. If you have a rat problem in your home, professional rat removal in santa ana should help you fix the issue.


Need for Rat Removal

There are many reasons why rat removal in santa ana is so important. The most important reasons are as following:


Damage to Electrical Insulation

Rats are known to gnaw through all types of electrical insulation and they can also cause damage to electronic equipment in your home. This also increases the risk of house fires. The overall damages caused can cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars every year.


Transmit Diseases

Rat-bite fever is a kind of disease that is mostly transmitted through rate bites. There are many other types of diseases that can be transmitted by the pest. This includes Tularemia, Lyme Disease, Dermatitis, Favus, and even tapeworm.


Rats Affect Food Hygiene

Typically, rats consume food equivalent to 15% of their body weight every day. A rate can consume up to 100 pounds of food through its lifetime. It is not just the food they consume that concerns you, it is also the vast amount of food that they ruin. Rats leave food remains throughout your home and also urinate to mark territory.


Creating Unhygienic Conditions

If you have a rat problem, it is important to find professional rat removal in santa ana. Rats can defecate and urinate dozens of times throughout a day. The result is an unhygienic condition in your home, creating perfect environments for a wide range of diseases. This also attracts more rodents and pests into your home.


Ruin the Garden

Rats can also ruin your lawn and garden. Even if you drive them out of your home, they can live in the lawn. So it is important to get professional help from certified services to ensure permanent rat removal in santa ana. The rodents can destroy seedlings and plants.


Damage Thermal Insulation

Rats can also damage your home’s thermal insulation. This can mean that your heating and cooling systems will have to work harder to maintain the interior temperatures. The result is reduced comfort and increased utility bills. Thus, the financial losses due to rat infestations can be overwhelming in the long-term.

Rats can also cause damage to your roofing. Specific species of rats chew on roof eaves and create gaps in your roofing. Thus, there are many reasons for getting professional help in rat removal in santa ana.