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Our mission is providing high quality web solutions and building strong long term relationship with our clients by investing in our team skills and knowledge.
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Our vision is to increase our market share by producing high quality products and increasing our marketing campaigns by the second quartal of 2015.
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Our strategy is constant improving development and design process by investing in high qaulity designers and developers and their skills and knowledge.
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Hello everybody, we are Pixel Industry web agency based in Croatia, Europe. We are a team of two - one designer and front-end developer and one back-end WordPress developer. Creating powerful, responsive and beautifully designed themes is one of our greatest passion. We put a lot of effort in what we do and we think our clients see i too.

We always try to deliver unique, professional and really useful themes that will find a way to grab your attention and hopefully make you come back to see more work made by us. We love to hear all your sudgestions and critics, so by all means don’t hesitate to contact us. Let’s make a web more beautiful together!
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