Get Rid of Ants in Your Kitchen

Let’s face it: nobody likes seeing ants in their homes. But this dislike becomes more intense when you spot ants inside your kitchen! Just imagine you are opening your pantry to take out all the ingredients for baking your favorite […]

Winter Pests and Orange County Pest Control

Insects, being cold-blooded, frequently hibernate during the winter. However, the presence of warm, climate-controlled homes and a steady source of food and water can lead some bugs to venture indoors rather than go into hiding throughout the colder months. Rodents, […]


CARPENTER ANT: Carpenter ants are large ants that nest in hollows of woods. The nest is usually associated with wood decay or termite damage in a house. Outdoors, carpenter ants nest in mulch and debris. They do not consume wood; […]

Post-Valentine’s Day Pests

Valentine’s Day has come and gone. We shared chocolates and laughs with a loved one, attended a fun singles party, or maybe we just skipped celebrating all together this year.  While humanity was wrapped up in love (or their blankets […]

Pests of All Seasons

Though some pests die off in winter, many thrive all year long in Southern California’s warm climate. Even those that don’t make it through the winter, lay their eggs in anticipation of the coming of spring. Since so many pests […]

Do You Still Need Pest Control During Fall?

pest control fall
It’s been quite warm in Orange County, CA! Especially in the northern cities like Fullerton, Corona, and Orange. But when chilly fall weather comes rolling in, what could be better than staying inside and getting cozy?  Orange County residents aren’t […]

Ants, Common Orange County Pests

Ant Prevention in Santa Ana - Preferred Pest Control
One common Orange County pest that residents may see in their homes and lurking around gardens is none other than, ants. Argentine ants, especially, are attracted to sweet foods, making sweet blossoms and fruits in gardens prime targets. Not to […]