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Ants, Common Orange County Pests

  • Ants, Common Orange County Pests

    Ants, Common Orange County Pests

    One common Orange County pest that residents may see in their homes and lurking around gardens is none other than, ants. Argentine ants, especially, are attracted to sweet foods, making sweet blossoms and fruits in gardens prime targets. Not to mention, leftover crumbs on counters and floors is a calling card for ants already in search of an escape from damp or hot weather. It is when ants find relief in homes that homeowners are in for trouble.

    Orange County Ant Infestations Cause Trouble for Homeowners

    Ant infestations not under control are a nuisance at best, and a fiasco at worst, especially when it comes to carpenter ants and fire ants. Like their termite neighbors, carpenter ants can cause serious damage to wood structures (as Angie’s List specifies, carpenter ants push wood aside; termites eat it). Fire ants aren’t much better: these ants are known to bite humans, and female fire ants (surprisingly) are venomous. What can homeowners do to get ants out of their homes and away from their gardens? Read on to find out!

    #1. Keep an Eye Out for Scout Ants

    As hard as it is, resist whipping out that pesticide and spraying the ant trail. Instead, look. These are scout ants, tasked with the responsibility of finding and carrying food to the colony. Find the scout’s trail, find the nest. 

    #2. Consider Borax-Laden Peanut Butter as an Alternative Ant Bait

    Homeowners wanting a practical solution for a Fontana Valley ant infestation should consider ant baits. While commercial ant baits can do the trick, often they are filled with chemicals that are dangerous for children and pets. Homemade borax or boric mixture can be a good alternative (however, to play it safe, children and pets still shouldn’t go near the borax- or boric-concocted bait).

    One DIY bait calls for 4 teaspoons of borax or boric acid, 1 cup of sugar, and 3 cups of water. Combine the mixture, and apply to a slice of bread. Spread a dollop of peanut butter on the bait-laden bread. Put the bait in a jar, sealing it with a punctured lid (holes should be small).

    #3. When in Doubt, Call Orange County Extermination Professionals

    If you’re a homeowner in Orange County and have and ant infestation, contact Preferred Pest Control OC. We are here to help! Preferred Pest Control is the #1 pest exterminator in Orange County. Call us at (714)-486-2637 today! 

    We not only exterminate ants but provide other inspection and eradication services including pest control, termite control, bed bug control, and bee service in Orange County, Los Angeles, and surrounding areas. To get ahead of pest control, we also offer monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly pest control services tailored to fit your unique needs.

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