Summer heat and tons of Roach Control in my home. Yikes!!! – Orange County Pest Control

Summer heat and tons of Roach Control in my home. Yikes!!!

  • Summer heat and tons of Roach Control in my home. Yikes!!!

    Summer heat and tons of Roach Control in my home. Yikes!!!

    Summer is here and with these higher temps comes a bug which thrives is such climates: the roach control. Find out the differences between American and German cockroaches that we have here in Orange County and put a stop to them with our roach control experts at Preferred Pest Control!

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    Preferred Pest Control, we like to do a thorough inspection of your home or office to figure out how these little buggers are getting inside. See the below information on Cockroach management and removal tactics.

    Cockroach Inspection:  A thorough inspection is key to a successful cockroach management plan. The purpose of an inspection is to identify the life stages, then to locate the source of the roach infestation, and lastly, to determine the best treatment method to rid you of your cockroach problems.

    Cockroach Monitoring:  Sticky traps are usually used to detect and monitor basic cockroach issues. The traps should be left in common areas like along your baseboard where they travel from one spot to the next, near the garbage, under sinks, in your cabinets, under and behind the refrigerator, in the bathroom, in corners, etc. Traps are normally used indoors.

    Cockroach Prevention:  Being clean is step #1. Clean up your entire house before and after you give us a call. (714) 486-2637 

    Cockroach Chemical Management:  A chemical program for cockroaches can include the use of cockroach baits and special roach removing techniques by our specialists.



    Dealing with a German cockroach infestation

    German cockroach infestation can quickly escalate from a minor inconvenience to a major problem. Due to their quick reproduction and eating habits, they can quickly take over your home.

    If you think you have a German cockroach infestation, be sure. Look for common signs such as: German cockroach droppings (small, pepper-like material left on surfaces), empty egg cases dropped by the females, or a musty odor, which can be smelled if there is a large quantity of German cockroaches present.

    Traps and such can be purchased to help eliminate German cockroaches but since these insects reproduce in such large numbers, calling for a professional treatment from us at Preferred Pest Control is recommended. These creatures are naturally gifted hiders and when you call us, we will inspect the home and come up with a personalized treatment plan that is best for your situation.

    Some Interesting Facts about German cockroaches

    The German cockroach grows up to 16mm in length, has a tan color with two horizontal black stripes across its exterior, and has a pair of wings that are rarely put to use as they prefer to use their legs to move about. Younger German cockroaches are near black in color but also have the two stripes across their bodies.

    These cockroaches are known for their ability to reproduce at an incredible rate. After mating, the female German cockroach lays 4-6 egg cases, with each of those casings containing about 30-40 eggs! The eggs hatch within 2 days and the cockroaches grow from baby to adult within 100 days.

    German cockroaches are the kind that you usually find in your house. They can live outdoors but they prefer the warm and humid temperatures of homes – especially that of kitchens and bathrooms. They’re usually brought into the home through bags, cardboard boxes, and used appliances.

    Food sources of the German cockroach include almost anything – from leftover crumbs to soap!


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    German Cockroach Management:

    • Inspection
    • Prevention
    • Controlling German Cockroaches
    • Insecticides

    An inspection by our licensed Preferred Pest Control professional is required before any treatments can be performed.

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    Did you know that Preferred Pest Control offers monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly German Cockroach Services tailored to your needs? It’s true! We also give two hour windows on our pest control services so you don’t have to spend your day waiting around for the entire day.

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    We offer many exterminator, German Cockroach Removal, and pest control services to the Orange County area and our German Cockroach specialists are fully trained to rid you of any future rodent problem you may be having.

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