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Dry Climate and American Cockroaches

  • Dry Climate and American Cockroaches

    Dry Climate and American Cockroaches

    Cockroaches are probably the most unwanted insect that one would want invading their home. As residents of Orange County, Southern California, we know that the dry climate attracts these filthy pests. Read on to learn how to be best prepared for any American Cockroach invasions with tips from Preferred Pest Control.

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    Facts about the American Cockroach

    The American Cockroach has a reddish brown coloration and they are easily recognized by a yellow colored band that outlines the area behind their heads. This specific species of cockroach is huge! That’s right, the American Cockroach adult can grow up to 3 inches long and to top it off, are also able to fly with wings that develop in adulthood. Usually, American Cockroaches live outside in damp places like flowerbeds and they are notorious for living in sewer systems here in SoCal.

    If American Cockroaches are perfectly fine living outdoors, why do they come into peoples homes? Well, like most insects, the American Cockroach is in constant search of food and water. The American Cockroach is even more likely to enter people’s homes in drier climates, which unfortunately for us OC residents is almost all year round.

    Another annoying fact about American Cockroaches is that they will eat practically anything from algae to pet food, so keeping both your indoor and outdoor area clean is a must for preventing American Cockroach infestation.


    American Cockroach Infestation

    After finding their way inside a home, the American Cockroach is not alone for long. Cockroaches have an ability to emit an odor which is called an “aggregation pheromone” which will soon attract other cockroaches. With a growing population, people can smell this as well and it is usually described as a musty.

    The most common hiding places for American Cockroaches include bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. To help prevent American Cockroach infestation, block their entry points into the home by repairing any structural damage and seal all cracks and holes in doors and windows. Remember to also remove any debris around your home and seal all food in storage containers and remove all water sources that you can find.

    If the American Cockroach infestation is too large or you want to be 100% sure that all cockroaches are gone for good, give Preferred Pest Control a call and our inspectors will access the situation and implement a customized solution that is best for your specific needs and educate you on how to prevent future American Cockroach infestations. We use state of the art technology and both chemical and non chemical methods of control to ensure the elimination of all American Cockroaches from your property.

    Preferred Pest Control has some of the best American Cockroach exterminators in Orange County. Check out our Yelp page and see our glowing reviews for yourself. Request a free quote to get things started and don’t forget to rate us on our performance after our job is completed.


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    American Cockroach Removal Management:

    • Inspection
    • American Cockroach Prevention
    • Controlling American Cockroaches
    • Insecticides
    • Fumigation

    An inspection by our licensed Preferred Pest Control professional is required before any treatments can be performed.

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