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Winter Pests and Orange County Pest Control

  • Winter Pests and Orange County Pest Control

    Winter Pests and Orange County Pest Control

    Insects, being cold-blooded, frequently hibernate during the winter. However, the presence of warm, climate-controlled homes and a steady source of food and water can lead some bugs to venture indoors rather than go into hiding throughout the colder months. Rodents, too, tend to seek out shelter in homes and crawlspaces when the weather turns cold.

    For this reason, you may find your home with more unwanted visitors during the winter than you’d like.

    We’ll discuss some Winters Pests and Environment-Friendly Pest Control Management Services


    One of the most common household pests are ants. In winters your home could be best shelter for ants. Ants inside your home or apartment can be a seasonal or year-round problem. Many ant species build their nests outdoors, and become a nuisance when they forage for food inside your home. Once they discover a good food source, they may continue to come inside, collect their food and leave to take the food back to their outdoor colony. However, other ant species enter the interior of the building, build their nest inside and become permanent indoor residents. Some of the more common ant species that may invade and choose to reside inside are pavement ants, carpenter ants, odorous house ants, thief ants, acrobat ants and pharaoh ants. Any of these ants can be challenging to control, but the pharaoh ant is known as one of the most, if not the most, difficult indoor ant to control.

    Rats and Mice:

    Rodents love the warmth and comfort of a climate-controlled home. Your house is the perfect vacation home for these pests, who may feast on your pantry, chew up your furniture and contaminate your home with their feces and urine. Rodents are warm-blooded mammals that, like humans, can be found throughout the world. They have oversized front teeth for gnawing and check teeth, which are adapted for chewing. Rodents chew on a variety of items available to them and cause great damage in and around homes. Hantavirus is a pulmonary syndrome that causes the lungs to fill up with fluid, making it difficult to breath. It can eventually lead to death. Hantavirus is spread to humans through mice droppings, urine, or contact. In addition to these deadly diseases, rats and mice also spread Lyme disease, Typhus, Salmonella, and other diseases, making them a serious hazard in your home.


    One of the hardiest insects, roaches are found year-round and are not deterred by the cold. Capable of squeezing through narrow spaces and able to eat just about anything, roaches can quickly get out of hand. You may not have seen them skittering across your floor, crawling up your walls, or creeping through your kitchen cupboards. But that doesn’t mean they’re not there hiding in the cracks of your walls waiting for the lights to go out, so they can hunt your home for food. Even the cleanest of homes under the right conditions can have cockroaches. These resilient creatures hide where sprays don’t reach, develop resistance to poisons, and reproduce at an alarming rate, making them one of the most difficult pests to eradicate. Some species invade human dwellings and are considered pests. Others are beneficial to the environment as important recyclers of decaying organic material. The pest cockroaches can be carriers of various diseases because they are commonly found near waste deposits or in the kitchen, where food is present. Restaurants may also experience cockroach infestations. Cockroaches emit unpleasant odors and may also produce sound.


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