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Post-Valentine’s Day Pests

  • Post-Valentine’s Day Pests

    Post-Valentine’s Day Pests

    Valentine’s Day has come and gone. We shared chocolates and laughs with a loved one, attended a fun singles party, or maybe we just skipped celebrating all together this year.  While humanity was wrapped up in love (or their blankets in front of Netflix) there may have been some pesky pests looming around, capable of ruining anyone’s romantic Valentine’s Day plans. While cute, some creatures, with a bad reputation, might get in your way with their own amorous intentions; others that sound loveable, though truly annoying; and others still which threaten to destroy your beloved delightful flower bouquet. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, or just to remind your partner you love them – a beautiful bouquet is a wonderful gift. But first, let’s explore these pests and ensure you and the object of your affection aren’t bothered by them on special occasions!



    Who can forget the adorable Pepé Le Pew® and his never ending quest for true love in the beloved Looney Tunes cartoons? It turns out that Valentine’s Day and skunk mating season overlap which means skunk sightings become more frequent as these peaceful creatures go in search of possible mates. You’ll want to keep skunks away from your home to avoid an unwelcome encounter, and you can do so by keeping food sources out of reach and erecting fencing to prevent access.


    Romantic Pests?

    Kissing Bugs and Love Bugs sound as if they might have romantic intentions, but these two pesky pests are not cute! Kissing Bugs (aka triatomine) are nocturnal pests who are known for biting sleeping humans near their mouths. While their bite is not necessarily dangerous, more than half of kissing bugs spread a parasite which causes Chagas disease, which can result in severe cardiac and intestinal complications. Love Bugs, while not known for biting or stinging humans, are a nuisance for their massive swarms and the damage their acidic bodies cause to chrome and painted surfaces like your cars and your home. The best defense is keeping both of these pests out of your home by sealing cracks and installing screens. A kissing bug infestation will need the help of your professional exterminator, while love bugs can be kept at bay with natural controls.



    Valentine’s Day is often commemorated with floral gifts signifying love and romance. Often, with these flowers come insects longing for a close encounter with your beloved’s bouquet. The rose is the most popular flower for Valentine’s, and is also a favorite of aphids, caterpillars, nematodes, mites, thrips, rose slugs, and more. Tulips are also popular for the holiday and beloved by aphids, slugs, caterpillars, bulb flies, snails, bulb mites, and spider mites.  Carnations are the thrifty Valentine’s choice and a favorite of aphids, caterpillars, weevils, nematodes, mites, and thrips.

    Keeping the pests out of your home and plants is your best bet, which often requires the help of an expert like the team at Preferred Pest Control – always ready to help you keep your home and family safe.


    Stay ready for Valentine’s Day next year with these special tips from Preferred Pest Control! Comment below if you have other topic ideas for us!

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