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Why We Have Over 175 Five Star Reviews!

  • Why We Have Over 175 Five Star Reviews!

    Why We Have Over 175 Five Star Reviews!

    Preferred Pest Control is a family owned company located at 17150 Newhope St. in Fountain Valley, CA 92646. Preferred Pest Control Orange County has over 50 years of combined industry experience, with old fashioned values like: honesty, integrity & quality service. We are licensed, bonded and insured and we love working with residents in Orange County who need our help! Today we’re sharing why over 175 people have chosen Preferred Pest Control Orange County to help eradicate their pest problems. Read on to discover more!


    “They Go Above and Beyond”

    “I really cannot say enough about the competence and professionalism of this company. And I know about this kind of work – my father owned an extermination company back in the day. Preferred Pest Control, and specifically Glenn, have gone above and beyond in both my home and my daughter’s for the bothersome pest problems we had. They stand behind their work, document their findings, and charge fairly. Highly recommend.” – Jerilyn in Mission Viejo

    At Preferred, we offer both chemical treatment and fumigation to help you get rid of your bed bug problems. We know that pesky bugs not only affect your physical body where you sleep, but also cause stress and emotional turmoil. Dealing with bed bugs and the stigma attached to having them is not something you want to take lightly. Just a reminder, if you suspect you have bed bugs, you’ll notice that they are small, brownish insects that live on the blood of animals or humans and they have flat bodies about the size of an apple seed. If you suspect you have bed bugs, call us today for an inspection and let us help you once again have a good night’s sleep.

    “Excellent Customer Service”

    “Preferred? This is the perfect name for this company! From my first phone call to the tech that completed the job, they are amazing! Very professional and they definitely know their business. Thank you for the excellent customer service and the quality of your work! We need more businesses in our community that operate like you! Ron and Marcy, y’all are the best! Your staff is amazing!” – Norma M. Garden Grove, CA

    “They got Rid of My Ant Problem!”

    “I had a major problem of ants. Jose came for the first treatment. There were still ants after the first treatment. He came back for a second treatment. Jose was extremely nice. After the second treatment I still had ants  in few areas. Without hesitation the supervisor came and inspected the house and decided to do a third treatment. I have only seen ants in one specific area since then and I am not worried that if I see them within the next week they will come back and take care of the problem. You can trust this company!!” – Caroline T. Orange County, CA


    Whether you’re struggling with bed bugs, ants, bees, or rodents this fall, give Preferred Pest Control. Our family owned company will work hard to keep your home safe and clean from unsightly pests that are known to surface, like: cockroaches, spiders, mice, and more.

    Get in Touch with Preferred Pest Control

    Address: 17150 Newhope #904 Fountain Valley, CA 92708
    Phone: (714) 486-2637
    Fax: (714) 274-9867
    Email: info@preferredpestcontroloc.com

    Preferred Pest Control is proud to serve Orange County, Fountain Valley, Seal Beach, Corona Del Mar, Tustin, Cerritos, and other surrounding Orange County communities with our renowned pest control services. Let us know how we can help, and we’ll be in touch shortly with your free quote.

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