What You Need to Know About Controlling Ants in California - Orange County Pest Control

What You Need to Know About Controlling Ants in California

  • What You Need to Know About Controlling Ants in California

    What You Need to Know About Controlling Ants in California

    How to Control Ant Problem in OC

    Ants, while quite pesky, aren’t really an issue in most cases when they are outside, but when they come inside your home, it’s a different story. Here on earth, ants are plentiful with more than 12,400 species and counting. In California, there are more than 270 species with the most common being the Argentine Ant who arrived from Brazil via the coffee trade in the late 19th century. Since their arrival, they have become the predominant ant species in California, and are actually beneficial in the fact that they can prevent the spread of fire ants. 

     The Problem with Argentine Ants

    The problem arises when the Argentine Ants decide to nest in your home or underneath it. Argentine Ants have multiple queens and their colonies range in the millions. Plus, as relative newcomers to California, Argentine Ants have no natural predators. In addition, when confronted by chemicals or water, an army of worker ants protect and move their queen, and relocate. Fighters to the end, Argentine Ants have been known to band together into massive colonies to protect themselves.  

     You Can Trust Preferred Pest Control

    Given their resilience, it is important to know how to control ants, especially Argentine Ants, if they infest your California home. At Preferred Pest Control, we know how to control Argentine Ants and other troublesome ant species. Following an inspection of your property, we will devise a plan of elimination tailored for your infestation. Typically ant treatments include the controlled use of a chemical carried by the ants to their colony. The chemical then spreads, destroying the colony. 

    At Preferred Pest Control, we also offer ongoing plans of monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly pest control services customized for you and your home.  

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