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Do You Still Need Pest Control During Fall?

  • Do You Still Need Pest Control During Fall?

    Do You Still Need Pest Control During Fall?

    It’s been quite warm in Orange County, CA! Especially in the northern cities like Fullerton, Corona, and Orange. But when chilly fall weather comes rolling in, what could be better than staying inside and getting cozy? 

    Orange County residents aren’t the only ones who think that way. Cold temperatures and limited food availability drive rodents, insects, and other common household pests to seek shelter indoors. 

    As pest control professionals, we frequently see an uptick in infestations during the colder months. That’s why we’ve put together a few easy tips you can follow to keep pests out of your home during fall.

    Secure your garbage bins—both inside and outside 

    New food can be tough to find during the fall months, when plant life is sparser and not producing new fruit, nuts, or grains. 

    So it’s no surprise that food and food waste are incredibly alluring to hungry critters. And many household pests—especially rodents—have excellent senses of smell, helping them to detect event faint indoor odors from outside your home. 

    We strongly recommend equipping your garbage and compost bins with tightly fitting lids to reduce odor and to prevent access by pests. Similarly, you’ll want to empty the bins inside your home on a regular basis to limit smells from lingering and spreading throughout the living space. 

    Maintain a clean living space 

    Easier said than done, we know—especially if you have kids and pets in the home! But again, there’s no smell too small to appeal to pests, especially when outdoor food sources are scarce. If you’re a hungry mouse or beetle, everything from unsecured cereal boxes to crumbs in the carpet makes for an appealing banquet. 

    Much like your garbage bins, ensure that dry goods are packed into secure containers with fitted lids. Do your best to keep countertops and floors clean of crumbs, spills, and other food waste. Focus in particular on the kitchen and living room, or any other areas where people and pets spend a lot of time. 

    Seal off points of entry 

    Securing your food and garbage will go a long way towards making your home a less appealing target. Still, many pests will try to enter simply for the warm shelter that any structure provides. 

    Taking some time to identify possible entry points—and block them off—is hugely helpful. Ensure that your outdoor-facing walls are free of cracks and holes, and that your doors and windows properly seal against the frame. These sort of inspections should be done at least once per year, ideally before it gets too cold outside. 

    Remember, most pests are tiny and can fit through miniscule cracks, or squeeze under surprisingly small openings. Mice and rats can even compress their ribcages to shrink down even more. Any damaged walls or broken door/window seals you can find are worth addressing in a timely manner, no matter how small the problem appears. 

    Orange County’s Pest Control Specialists

    Despite your best efforts, it’s always possible that household pests will find their way into your home. They’re certainly very motivated! 

    If you see evidence of an infestation already in progress, the best course of action is to call in some professional assistance. At Preferred Pest Control, we’re proud to be the leading provider of Eco-friendly pest control services in Orange County. Give us a call at (714) 486-2637 or send a message online, and let us know how we can help. 


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