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April is National Pest Management Month!

  • April is National Pest Management Month!

    April is National Pest Management Month!

    What is National Pest Management Month?

    So what exactly is National Pest Management Month? Every April, the National Pest Management Association celebrates the pest control industry and our role in protecting human health and property from a variety of pests and associated threats.

    Household pests aren’t simply annoying, they can be downright hazardous – spreading diseases, triggering asthma attacks, and causing extensive property damage. In extreme cases, certain pests can even threaten the structural integrity of your home. But not to fear – there are ways you can prevent this from ever happening.

    Today we’re spreading awareness and taking this opportunity to brush up on some springtime pests you may encounter in your home. Read more to learn about these common household pests and how to handle them.

    Ants are a Common Household Pest

    Ants are easily the most common household pest around the country, and one of the toughest to control, too. Here in southern California, ant infestations can be a serious problem, as carpenter ants damage furniture or even the structural integrity of your home. Keep your home as clean as possible to avoid luring these insects indoors, and call in Preferred Pest Control if you suspect an infestation.

    Bees are Busy this Time of Year

    Bees really “spring” into action (pun intended) this time of year. These industrious workers have a wonderful impact on the environment – unless that environment is your house. Trying to remove a swarm or beehive on your own can be genuinely dangerous, and isn’t likely to solve the problem permanently. Call in the bee removal professionals to remove the threat and proof your home against future infestations.

    Termite Season

    Yep, it’s termite season too. These pests aren’t directly dangerous to humans, but they’re a huge menace nonetheless, causing billions of dollars in property damage each year across the USA. Keep an eye out for “swarmers” – winged termites whose presence indicates a new colony settling in – and call the pest control professionals to take care of any infestations.

    For eco-friendly pest removal and prevention in southern California, there’s only one Preferred Pest Control. Give us a call today at (714) 486-2637 and let us know how we can help.

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