What You Need To Know About Termite Control in Orange County - Orange County Pest Control

What You Need To Know About Termite Control in Orange County

  • What You Need To Know About Termite Control in Orange County

    What You Need To Know About Termite Control in Orange County

    Spring is nearly here, and with it comes warm weather, sunny skies, and uncontrolled termite reproduction. We’re sorry about that last part, but it’s important to know. The truth is, nearly every year, we see an uptick in termite infestations in Orange County during the warmer months. That’s why we’ve put together a primer on termite control, including an overview of termite habits and some preventative tips you can take today.

    Where do Termites Live?

    Termites thrive in warm and humid environments – bad news for those of us in southern California. They maintain tunnel-based colonies that can range from as few as several individuals to as many as one million or more.

    Some species of termites need to maintain contact with the soil to keep their bodies damp and safe from the elements. On the other hand, species such as the drywood termite can get all the moisture they need from wood. The drywood termites are perfectly at home burrowing through your walls, cabinets, baseboards, door/window frames, and even furniture items! 

    Common signs of termite infestation include:

    • physical damage to wood paneling or trim
    • paint blisters on your walls
    • or, worse…the accumulation of termite droppings

    Unfortunately a clear indication of termites can be spotted by their droppings. Be on the lookout for droppings (or “frass”.) They take the form of small, hexagonal wooden pellets – inside drawers or on other horizontal surfaces.

    Termite Prevention Tips

    Termites are infamous for loving wood, but in fact they will eat just about anything that’s cellulose-based: that includes leaves, natural clothing fibers, paper, and cardboard.

    Termite colonies frequently send out scouts to search for new potential food sources. It’s common for termites to discover an exciting feast outside – such as a pile of firewood or a raked pile of leaves. From there, they’ll make the transition into your home. You can prevent this by keeping brush growth in check, carting yard waste off, and keeping organic materials away from the perimeter of your house.

    A pest control specialist may also be able to help with preventative barrier treatments.

    Termite Treatment Methods

    Termite infestation is a serious problem. These industrious insects can cause expensive damages quickly, and may even damage the structural integrity of your home. And if the infestation isn’t completely eliminated, the colony can quickly repopulate from any damage you are able to inflict on it.

    For these reasons, if you see any signs of termite activity in your home, it’s best to call in the pest control professionals immediately. A certified inspector can examine the problem and outline your options. Some potential methods include: fumigation, foam treatment, and/or slab injection treatments.

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