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Moths are Attracted to Winter Clothes

  • Moths are Attracted to Winter Clothes

    Moths in Orange County still damage residents’ and homeowners’ wool, fur, silk-, feather-, and felt-based fabrics despite slightly cooler winter temps. Do you have signs of a moth infestation? You may notice holes in clothing and even whitish larvae under collars and cuffs—not to mention several 7-to-8-millimeter, buff-colored moth adults flying around. Yuck!

    With more than 200,000 species of moths worldwide that have evolved over a 160-million-years span – one recently discovered moth species named after President Trump – moths certainly aren’t going anywhere. So how can Orange County homeowners and residents save their wardrobes and safeguard their closets and homes from moth attacks? Read on to find out!

    OC Clothes Moth Emergency?

    Do you see signs of moths in your home? Contact Preferred Pest Control OC, #1 pest exterminators in Orange County, today for quick-and-simple moth control services: (714)-486-2637.

    3 Practical Pest-Prevention Methods That Helps Stop Clothes Moths in Their Tracks:

    #1. Cleanliness Goes a Long Way

    Vacuuming closet carpets will suck up any moth eggs. As with other pests, it’s a safe bet to clean out or dispose of the vacuum bag after cleanup. Also, homeowners can wipe down closet surfaces with a water-soap mixture and let closets breathe.

    Cleanliness applies to clothes too. Moths love human sweat and grime, which is even more of a reason to clean clothes immediately after extensive use. This goes for delicate fabrics, like cashmere, too; a trip to the dry cleaners can make all the difference.

    #2. Mothproof Clothes Before Packing Them Away

    Think twice before packing clothes away, especially if they’re dirty. Yes, airtight containers are great for clothing preservation, but may fall short if clothes are unclean. It’s cleaning and sealing that provides a double-duty moth protection.

    #3. This Moth Preventive Assumption Doesn’t Help

    Cedar oil has some repellant benefits, but not consistently enough to be used on its own. Cedar hangers—even a cedar closet—can only help; however, after the cedar smell wears off, and despite lightly sanding the wood for a moth-repelling boost, homeowners should have other moth-preventive tools like regular closet cleaning and moth traps in their arsenal.

    Time to Call the Pros?

    Moth infestations can cost homeowners and residents clothing damage and pest-driven havoc. We can help! We offer moth control, termite control, bee service, bed bug control and other pest control services. We service Orange County, Lost Angeles County, and surrounding areas. Some locations include:

    -Fullerton pest control

    -Brea pest control

    -La Habra pest control

    -Long Beach pest control

    -Seal Beach pest control

    -And more…

    Don’t let pests catch you by surprise; stay ahead and schedule biweekly and quarterly pest control services, which are fitted to meet your unique needs. For comments and questions, contact Preferred Pest Control today at (714)-486-2637.  

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