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3 Steps to Remove Unwanted Roaches in Orange County

  • 3 Steps to Remove Unwanted Roaches in Orange County

    3 Steps to Remove Unwanted Roaches in Orange County

    German Roaches, American Roaches, Oriental Roaches

    Even with fall temperatures dropping, Orange County homeowners and residents should think twice before disposing of cockroach baits and insecticide. Cockroaches are no stranger to extreme change, having lived during (and long past!) the dinosaur age. Their hard-wired adaptability makes them so fascinating to study— and quite honestly, a hassle to exterminate. 

    An OC Roach Extermination Lesson for All

    Cockroaches are very hard to get rid of. Manipulating their bodies to squeeze through pipes, cracks, and crevices, makes it nearly impossible to track down these pesky critters. Which is why we recommend homeowners take precaution to properly caulk their pipes. And that’s just one way you can prevent roaches from invading your home.

    With three of the most pesky cockroach species in the US, there’s never enough prevention tactics OC residents, homeowners and businesses can use to make sure America’s most-common roach trio: American, German, and Oriental cockroaches, are at bay. Read on to learn what they are!

    Out-of-Control Cockroach Infestation in Orange County?

    If you’re experiencing an Orange County German roach infestation, American roach infestation, or oriental roach infestation, contact Preferred Pest Control OC now for fast-and simple extermination methods: (714)-486-2637.

    Send Orange County American, German, and Oriental Roaches Running

    #1. Step one, Get the Vacuum Out

    Roaches love garbage, starchy crumbs, and dark and damp areas. Oriental cockroaches, nicknamed water bugs, even snack on tin cans. While German roaches prefer grease, sweets, meat, and starches. And American cockroaches scavenge city dumps, bakeries, restaurants, and grocery stores. A household favorite? Cheese, leather, beer, and book bindings.   

    Don’t be surprised to see oriental roaches around sinks and washing machines, German cockroaches in bathrooms and kitchens, and American roaches nestled in basements and steam tunnels. What’s one preventive tactic to keep this trio at bay? Clean regularly. Mop up spills, wash dishes, sweep up crumbs, vacuum carpets.

    #2. Step 2, Stay on Top of Repairs

    Roaches have unique exoskeletons that allow them to squeeze through the smallest of cracks. Prevent American, Oriental, and German roaches from infiltrating homes and businesses by keeping up with repairs. Caulk and seal up holes and cracks, and fix leaky pipes as soon as possible.

    #3. Step 3, When All Else Fails, Lay Out the Cockroach Bait

    Cockroach baits and insecticides are a go-to if homeowners and residents smell an offensive odor, spot roach casings and feces, and even see these creepy crawlers scurrying around. Baits and insecticides should be used far away from food, children, and furry friends. The same goes for boric acid, a natural extermination alternative.

    Don’t Wait, Call the Pros

    American, Oriental, and German roaches are known to spread bacteria, viruses, and protozoa, causing allergic reactions and illness. For homeowners, businesses, and residents who suspect a roach outbreak don’t wait. Preferred Pest Control OC, #1 Orange County exterminators, is here to help! We offer roach control, bee service, pest control, and more in Orange County, Los Angeles County, and surrounding areas:

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    • And more…

    To keep infestations at bay, residents, homeowners, and businesses are encouraged to take advantage of scheduled bi-monthly and quarterly pest control services designed to fit your unique needs. For more comments and questions, contact Preferred Pest Control OC at (714)-486-2637.

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