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German Roaches Go on the Move and Begin Hitchhiking

  • German Roaches Go on the Move and Begin Hitchhiking

    German Roaches Go on the Move and Begin Hitchhiking

    Now that it’s warmer don’t be surprised to see German roaches scuttling on floors, walls, and ceilings. German cockroach infestations are nothing new in the U.S., being one of the most common cockroach species homeowners deal with (the American cockroach is another). Why? Simple. German roaches depend on people to survive. Crumbs from last night’s dinner, spoiled food sitting in trash cans, and dirty dishes unwashed for days (or weeks) attract these pesky pests.

    German Cockroaches Can Carry Bacteria 

    Cockroaches usually are associated with disease and uncleanliness, and for good reason. (Ironically, German and American roaches groom themselves often, cleaning their antennas to prevent a wax-like substance they secrete from clogging their pores and limiting their sense of smell) One study identified 174 bacterial strains (!) from 39 German cockroach species in two Algerian public hospitals.

    The takeaway? German roaches can (and do) carry bacteria, which can increase the chances of getting sick. Plus, the 10-to-15-millimeter-long insects secrete a defensive sludge, which can cause allergies. Not to mention, the sight of a bunch of roaches scurrying around the kitchen is enough to raise homeowner’s stress levels. Fortunately, homeowners can get stress back under control: Force German roaches to hit the road with these tips. 

    #1. See a Hole? Fill It Immediately

    This extermination-friendly tip applies to most creepy crawlers and critters, and it makes sense. What is one way German roaches (and insects, in general) get in the house? Cracks and holes. This is all the more reason to fill them (asap) with sealant, steel wool, screen repair tape, and other sealing-appropriate materials.

    #2. Clean Up Crumbs Wherever, Whenever

    Chances are, there is still going to be a crack or two roaches can squeeze through, which calls for a second line of defense: clean up crumbs. If cleaning’s adamant, German roaches won’t see the appeal to enter in the first place.

    #3. German Cockroach Infestation Out of Control? Contact the Pros

    Even then, German cockroaches can get out of control and remain inside despite extensive cleaning and routine house maintenance. To get German cockroach out of the house, contact Preferred Pest Control OC for hassle-free extermination. And, for more practical information about local pests, check out our blog

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