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Ants: Picnics and Parties

  • Ants: Picnics and Parties

    Ants: Picnics and Parties

    With summer here, longer days mean delicious picnics at the park and bonfires on sandy beaches. But with such memorable times alongside family and friends comes a hidden nuisance just waiting to come up and snatch picnic and party-goers’ tasty treats. One word: ants. Although ants usually trickle into homes during a downpour or damp conditions (usually in wintertime), August and September are prime months for these six-legged insects to “come out and play.”

    Weather Is a Huge Ant-Attracting Factor—But Don’t Discount Food

    A 2001 Stanford study confirms that the small ant infestation hike during summer (and a larger spike in winter) has more to do with weather than food. But that does not give beach and park attendees a go-litter pass nor does it entail stashing crumb-filled coolers in garages until the next outing. Although weather may be the main ant-attracting culprit, food still is appealing: one study claims some ants (specifically, ants that live on sidewalks and other pavement types in New York City) now enjoy junk food.

    Why the appetite change? The study noticed NYC-based ants have similar carbon isotope levels as people, which may be why they love salt-laden and sugar-heavy snacks. Not so much the case with ants in parks (their levels are lower). Still, party- and picnic-lovers aren’t spared. Scout ants don’t discriminate and can be found scurrying on picnic tables and blankets in search of food for their colony.

    Say No More to Orange County Ant Infestations

    Luckily, ants normally are not a dangerous threat (fire ants are the exception) but can be a nuisance. They’re hard to get rid of, especially multi-queen types like Argentine ants that have now invaded Orange County and other US regions. Pesticides may not be enough; what can beach and picnic enthusiasts do to make sure ants don’t ruin their day?

    Banish Orange County Ants: Have an Ant-Free Fun Day Using These Tips

    #1. The Cleaning Doesn’t Stop When You Leave the House

    Clean out your car and coolers after a day out to ensure there are no leftover crumbs. Remember, crumbs and weather are an ant-friendly combination.

    #2. Lure Ants Away with Sugar Water

    Place bowls containing small amounts of sugar water around the yard (or picnic area). Instead of going for tasty picnic morsels, ants will crawl towards the sugar water.

    #3. Block Off Entryways

    Fill small holes in the house that ants can crawl through. Patch up any holes or tears in bags that normally carry picnic and beach food.

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