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Spiders When Males Come Out to Mate

  • Spiders When Males Come Out to Mate

    Spiders When Males Come Out to Mate

    Autumn is almost here, and while it is a lovely season, it also brings a lot of insects and pests into our homes. Several insects start mating at the beginning of the fall, especially spiders. And if you don’t take preventive actions, your home can become a mating spot for these eight-legged creatures.
    Mating Season of Spiders
    Generally, male spiders come out of their web and look for a mate in the early months of autumn. Their mating season is short – less than two months – and continues until the first week of October.

    The female spiders usually stay close to their webs to conserve energy for laying eggs, while the males come and go around looking for partners to mate.

    The females release a perfume-like chemical called a pheromone. The male spiders sense this smell with the help of sensory hair on their feet. So, when you see a spider wandering on your room’s walls and sprinting around your house, it is probably a male spider sniffing and looking for its female partner for courting and having a fun time!

    While most house spiders are harmless, some species can be dangerous too. So, you need to be extra careful with spiders, especially if you have children or pets in your home. Plus, having spiders in your house isn’t a pretty sight either.
    How to Protect Your Home from Spiders
    Unless you are a spider enthusiast, we are sure you don’t want your home to be filled with spiders. The good news is that you can take certain steps to prevent these eight-legged creatures from intruding on your home.

    Here are some quick tips to help you out:

    ●For starters, make sure to get rid of all kinds of clutter from your house. Spiders often look for dark, cluttered, and damp places for mating. So, make sure to keep every corner of your home dry and clean. Store all the necessary items in plastic boxes and ensure to vacuum and dust regularly.

    ●Using chalk is another way to prevent spiders from mating inside your house. Did you know that spiders smell and taste everything with their feet? And they hate the taste of chalk. So, draw a few chalk lines around the windows, doorways, windowsills, and your bed to keep the spiders away.

    ●These eight-legged creatures love sneaking into dark and damp places. If you want to prevent them from mating in your house, make sure to let the natural light into your home. Don’t keep the blinds drawn for a prolonged period. If possible, keep your windows open for a little while every day to let the warm sunlight and fresh air inside your place.

    ●Finally, seal and patch up all the cracks and gaps on the floors, walls, and ceilings. Spiders often hide and mate in these places.
    Seek Professional Help from Preferred Pest Control in Orange County
    Sometimes, even after taking all the preventive measures, getting rid of spiders isn’t possible. Or maybe you don’t have the time to deal with spiders in your house. Whatever the reason is, if you are looking for pest control in Orange County, Preferred Pest Control is here to help you out!

    We are a leading OC pest control service that has been helping individuals in successfully dealing with insects, pests, and rodents for several years now. Our team has the right experience, knowledge, and advanced equipment to remove all those eight-legged creatures from your home and keep your house nice, clean, and dry.

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