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Do Earwigs Bite?

  • Do Earwigs Bite?

    Do Earwigs Bite?

    If you’ve ever seen an earwig, you might think it’s a scary insect that can harm you. However, that is not the case. We’ll look at how to classify earwigs and how to remove them if they’ve found a home in your residence.
    What is an earwig bug?
    An earwig is an insect with two antennae, six legs, three limbs, and a powerful set of pincers on the side of its abdomen. Based on the species, it can be as small as 5 millimeters or as large as 25 millimeters. And while it is possible to find an earwig in your ear, they do not lay their eggs in human ear canals, nor do they eat brains, contrary to popular belief. Earwigs are generally harmless to humans. They can, nevertheless, be a vexing pest if they get into lawns, flower beds, or housing.

    One of the most misconstrued insects is the earwig. Many people are afraid that they will bite them. Some people even mistake mosquito bites for earwig bites. Their moniker, earwig, is derived from a variety of sources. One theory is that the name came from a European language called the insect earworm or ear wiggler. Folklore based on horror films about this insect has historically convinced people that it is extremely dangerous.
    Do Earwigs bite?
    Many people are concerned that earwigs will bite them. Their pincers are for defense, and if the earwig is picked up and agitated, it will use the forceps. However, these are not stings or bites, which are terms used to describe insects with stingers or biting mandibles. Even in extreme circumstances of adult males with large forceps, the pinch can be painful, however, there is no poison, and the touch rarely breaks the epidermis.

    If the pinching does draw blood, it is advised to obtain the same first aid as one would for any other form of injury. Remember that earwigs normally reside in the soil, so pathogens might enter the wound from the forceps. Use a suitable antibiotic lotion or cream if there is a cut or exposed lesion or if the earwig squeeze breaks the skin. Because earwigs do not bite, there is no distinguishing “bite mark.” Speak with a medical practitioner if you have any medical concerns.
    Is Earwig Bite Dangerous?
    One thing to keep in mind regarding earwigs is that they seldom bite. An earwig is more likely to pinch your flesh and hang on tight. The pinch may be sufficient to break your epidermis or cause bleeding in rare situations and leave a bulging, red mark at the location.
    They like to reside in or near homes because they prefer dark, wet settings. During the colder months, they are more prone to enter your home. In addition, they eat a wide variety of plants. In any case, it is better to be safe than sorry. If you suspect earwigs in your surroundings, don’t hesitate to call Preferred Pest Control for help!


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