Rodents Seek Shelter From Cold Nights and Rainy Season- Preferred Pest Control – Orange County Pest Control

Rodents Seek Shelter From Cold Nights and Rainy Season- Preferred Pest Control

  • Rodents Seek Shelter From Cold Nights and Rainy Season- Preferred Pest Control

    Rodents Seek Shelter From Cold Nights and Rainy Season- Preferred Pest Control

    Winter’s return means more time spent indoors, but you’re not alone. As the weather drops, mice and rats seek food and shelter indoors. Mice can fit through a knothole of a pencil eraser, whereas rats can pass through a quarter-sized hole. Moreover, both are powerful swimmers and can access homes by swimming through sewer systems and climbing up drain pipes.


    Rats dwell in our ivy, eat on our garden veggies, dig through our waste, and may even bite our beloved pets. It would be an understatement to say that we loathe rats. So, when we notice that February is nearly done and April is just about a month away, it becomes a matter of concern.

    Cold and Rain Leads to Rodents in Home

    This might be several inches of rain or mild misting based on where you live. Even a dismal night might be a source of concern. Rats, like humans, aren’t very fond of the cold.


    Yes, they can tolerate and even like the rain when it showers, but they’d rather stay inside where it’s nice and snug and there are crumbs of food just ready to be devoured. Most people notice a rat problem when they observe waste, indications of nesting, bite marks on doors and furniture, or damage to packaged meals and dry products. Mice and rats excrete dark brown or black dung in their tracks, around food sources, and in nesting places.


    Other indicators include greasy tracks on the floor and tail traces in dusty regions, particularly near walls. Because activity rises after dark, you may have better luck looking at night. Look for squeaks, movement, and strange noises coming from behind your walls.


    The quantity of food is one of the reasons they settle down. Mice favor grains, so you may find tears, rips, and bite marks in rice and cereal bags. Rodents will also gnaw on cables, PVC piping, furniture, bricks, and timber.

    Protect Your Home From Rodents

    According to pest control professionals, you should inspect the exterior of your home every six months for holes and crevices through which rats might enter. Look for foundation cracks, gaps surrounding doors and windows, and where the drains meet the fascia board.


    Bait boxes and traps are efficient in eradicating rodents, according to pest management professionals, but there are more solutions available, ranging from typical traps to the no-kill method that allows you to let them back into the wild.


    The bait pack includes a rodenticide that kills mice and rats in a few days. The poison is protected by the boxes, which keep it out of the reach of children and dogs. Place them in locations where you’ve witnessed rodent activity, as well as in their natural walking pathways, such as along walls or around corners.


    Consider employing a pest control firm if you have a huge infestation or if rodents make you nervous. Wilkes inspects for access points, makes changes, and devises a removal strategy that fits specified requirements.

    Seek Professional Help

    If you are looking for pest control in Orange County, you have landed on the right page. Preferred Pest Control in Orange County helps you not only get rid of rodents inside your house but also help prevent them from entering your house again.



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