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Types of Rodents in Orange County CA

  • Types of Rodents in Orange County CA

    Types of Rodents in Orange County CA

    Rodents are everywhere. Anywhere you go, you are bound to find irritating little things moving around you, and Orange Country is no different. Some resort to pest control to prevent rodents from ruining their living space while others use DIY techniques to get rid of them. All in all, it is important that you know what types of rodents you are dealing with in your area to find the best remedy.


    Rodents exist in different forms, sizes, and colors. They generally pose no threat to us unless they decide to enter our home. Yet, many rodent species, including mice and rats, have evolved to coexist with humans across times. They’ve discovered that our lawns, houses, and workplaces give them quick access to basic necessities.

    Rats in Orange County

    Norway rats and roof rats are the two rat subspecies that most frequently infiltrate residences in California year-round.Both these rodents will devour anything from vegetables and cereals to meats. While roof rats and Norway rats are very identical, they can vary greatly in size, coloration, and distinctive traits.

    Roof Rats

    Mature roof rats are pitch black rodents with a natural size of six to eight inches. Their tails are bigger than their body, giving eight to ten inches to the total body height. Their sharp snout and light, slender body make these rats superb climbers.

    Norway Rats

    Norway rats, on the other hand, are bigger than roof rats. They measure around nine to eleven inches in length, with tails of approximately six to eight inches in length. Norway rats have the same coloration as roof rats, but they have rounded noses and bigger, more muscular bodies. These rats are far more violent than roof rats and will bite or scrape without hesitation.


    If roof rats or Norway rats enter your house or company, they can cause power outages, floods due to faulty plumbing, and structural damage. If left uncontrolled, these rats will gnaw on everything, including wiring, plumbing, shelves, furniture, and structural beams, which can be costly to repair. Furthermore, roof rats and Norway rats may spread a variety of hazardous infections and illnesses to people, which can be lethal in some cases.

    Gophers in Orange County CA

    There are several varieties of gophers- or pocket gophers as they are appropriately named- that live in the Orange County area of California. The Valley pocket gopher is most commonly seen in Orange County, CA. They are tiny rodents that range in size from 5 to 7 inches, excluding the tail. They are found in a range of different shades, but the most common is grayish brown.

    Beavers in the State

    Beavers are one of the world’s biggest surviving rodents. They have thick hair, webbed feet, and scale-covered inverted tails. They use their enormous jaws and teeth to break trees in order to create homes and dams, frequently altering their surroundings in ways that few other creatures can. You will also find them in the Orange County area.


    One of the most essential things to remember if you have a mouse or rat invasion is to keep your home clean. Remove as much trash as possible along with any potential food sources. Keep all goods in critter-free containers and cover all cracks and crevices throughout your home, particularly around glass windows. Eliminating mouse and rat entry points in your house or company is the way to keep them away forever. You can always call pest control to get them removed.


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