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How to Get Rid of Wasps With Preferred Pest Control

  • How to Get Rid of Wasps With Preferred Pest Control

    How to Get Rid of Wasps With Preferred Pest Control

    Imagine preparing a delicious grill outside during summers, sipping cool wine, and waiting for dinner to get ready, but then you suddenly hear a persistent buzz around your shoulder. Yep, Wasps are here to ruin your perfect evening.


    Wasps take over public places around the county, including the Orange County Area, every year, making it very difficult or unpleasant for people to sit outside and enjoy the summers.


    Not to mention, wasps may also be harmful to some. Between 2000 and 2017, there have been 1,109 deaths from hornet, wasp, and bee stings, or a yearly total of 62 deaths, per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


    Thankfully, you don’t have to spend the entire summer dealing with stinging wasps. Preferred Pest Control is ready to assist you in reclaiming your property. We provide preferred pest control solutions to clients in and around the Orange County area, so we know a great deal about helping people get rid of wasps and enjoy the great outdoors again. So what happens when you hire a professional wasp control specialist? The following is the procedure that the Orange county team uses to get rid of wasps:

    1. Inspection of Estate

    We’ll start by locating the wasp nests on your premises. Then, our certified pest control technicians will discover ground or hanging nests and decide the best method for removing all wasps that dwell within them.


    If you have many species of wasps on your property, we will identify each one and devise a control strategy to fix them.

    2. Remove Wasp Nests

    We’ll spray the wasp nests with a chemical designed to kill the wasps within their nests once we’ve discovered them on your property. Of course, we always employ the utmost caution when dealing with pest-control agents, and we make sure to follow all label requirements.

    3. Additional Yellow Jacket Treatments

    Finally, we will scatter treated bait throughout your property. This crucial phase allows us to eradicate wasps that were not present in the nest at the time of treatment. When yellow jackets consume the bait, it instantly kills them without endangering your property, pets, or children.


    4. Yellow Jacket Control on an Annual Basis

    We will propose an annual yellow jacket management program if you have serious yellow jacket concerns. The induction of bait stations, limitless hive treatments, and year-round protection against these aggressive pests are all included in this package. Hence, you will have a pest-free home that you may enjoy around the year.


    Wasps are likely to enter your home through a minor crack someplace unless you leave your doors and windows open without a screen. Check the mortar between your brickwork, the beams and columns in your garage, and the regions around your living area vents for any signs of wasps. There are several home cures to select from if you want to get rid of wasps naturally. As it is hard to eliminate wasps completely, you must keep an eye out for nest building. Examine your wall caves, sheds, and garages for fresh nests every spring. When you detect them, use a store-bought pesticide spray to treat them and destroy the nest cover.



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