Pantry Pest Cause a Lot of Thanksgiving Headache – Orange County Pest Control

Pantry Pest Cause a Lot of Thanksgiving Headache

  • Pantry Pest Cause a Lot of Thanksgiving Headache

    Pantry Pest Cause a Lot of Thanksgiving Headache

    Food storage and preparation spaces may be a breeding ground for a variety of stored product pests. Stored product pests, often known as pantry pests, are a group of moths and beetles that may infest goods usually found in restaurant kitchens or shelves, such as grains, beans, spices, nuts, sweets, dried fruits, meats, and cheese.


    If left unmanaged and untreated, these pests can contaminate and destroy vital food supplies, potentially leading to kitchen shutdown. Some bugs in stored products can emit compounds that change the flavor of food, and if swallowed, some larvae can irritate the digestive tract or even trigger an allergic reaction.


    As a result, nothing is more enticing to bugs and insects than a Thanksgiving dinner. You may be happily preparing your meal, looking forward to get-togethers and family dinners while these pantry pests work on effectively ruining it for you.

    Prevent Pantry Pests From Ruining Your Holiday

    Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks and show gratitude, but it is also a day to gorge ourselves on delicious food. Whether you celebrate the holiday with a traditional turkey or a favorite dish, no one wants pantry pests to get in the way. The Orange County pest control experts in Orange Country are pest control experts and are here to save you the pantry pest trouble!

    Clean Your Pantry

    This is probably the simplest approach to avoid bug incursions. After you’ve had your fill of turkey, ham, corn, and stuffing, tidy up any garbage and leftovers as soon as you can. If you leave them out for an extended amount of time, insects and rats will invade before you realize.

    Store Your Food

    You should always keep your food, packed or cooked, firmly in airtight containers. Pest larvae may readily munch their way through paper and cardboard, causing them to spread to other pantry goods. Storing your food is by far the safest option to prevent these bugs from defiling it.

    Check The Expiration Date on Packaged Food

    Consuming expired food or components is not only unhealthy, but it may also serve as a new habitat for pests. Check the expiration dates of your dry ingredients and the interior of the container or packaging for pests. Never combine new and old dry food components unless you’re confident they’re pest-free.


    Clean Your Surrounding

    Although it may not appear so, maintaining your landscape nice and maintained is essential. Trim your shrubs and bushes, and remove any branches that are too close to your house. Because the warmth of your home will attract an immense number of bugs, you can spray the outside of your house with insect repellent to keep them away.


    Work with a pest control specialist to reduce insect and bug infestations in your home that not only focus on cleanliness and upkeep to eliminate pest attractants but also inspection and monitoring to help spot concerns as soon as feasible.


    Don’t let a pantry bug infestation ruin your Thanksgiving celebration. You can always work with a pest control company to reduce the chance of pantry bug infestation in your pantry or kitchen.



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