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    Yes! I have definitely did the same thing!

    Working in Pest control can sometimes open you up to a wide variety of teasing and joking, for example, when I told my friends that I was taking up a job with Rentokil, I was bombarded with “rat catcher” references for weeks! But it’s all a laugh and a joke until someone discovers the pitter-patter of tiny vermin feet in the attic, then they know who to call and all the teasing is quickly forgotten in lieu of some “pleeeeease help me’s”!

    But we are not immune to a sense of humour here in Rentokil, so for this week’s blog we have embraced the humorous side of Pest jokes!

    We have provided some of our personal favourite (old school, extremely childish and ridiculous but of course always PC) pest jokes for you to peruse and next time you meet your local Rentokil Pest Control technician, be sure to have your favourite ready!

    What do you call an ant who likes to be alone? An independ-ant

    What did one worm say to another worm? I know a restaurant where we can eat dirt cheap!!

    What do you call a fly with a sore throat? A hoarse fly!

    What do spiders eat in Paris? French flies!

    Have you heard about the pregnant bed bug? She gave birth in the spring!

    Where do you put you injured insects? An antbulance

    Two roaches were eating garbage in an alleyway. “I tried out that new restaurant across the street,” one roach said to the other. “It was so clean. Their kitchen is spotless, the floors were bright white. The whole place shines.” “Please,” said the other, “not while I’m eating!”
    For all your pest control needs call Rentokil, the experts in Pest Jokes… I mean Pest Control.

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