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Bed Bugs Versus Dust Mites – When You Need Professional Help in Southern California

  • Bed Bugs Versus Dust Mites – When You Need Professional Help in Southern California

    Bed Bugs Versus Dust Mites – When You Need Professional Help in Southern California

    Bed Bugs and Dust Mites – you don’t want either in your Orange County home! The problem is, you have to know what you have in order to eliminate them. The team at Preferred Pest Control is ready to deliver professional help in getting rid of any pests – including bed bugs and dust mites – which invade your home.

    Both bed bugs and dust mites are nuisances, which can not only drive you crazy, but also affect your health. So, how do you distinguish between the two?

    Bed Bugs

    Bed Bugs are tiny insects which can take up residence in your home. These pests are oval, flat, and brown, somewhat like an apple seed, They don’t fly, but love to make their home in any fabric or textile in your home which includes your beds – bed frames, mattresses, and box springs. While there, they become active at night, feasting on the blood of Orange County residents and their pets. While they don’t cause or spread disease, they do cause itching, which can leave you sleepless and uncomfortable. Bites from bed bugs often leave a red, swollen area and they often leave egg cases, skin, and fecal stains in their wake.

    Learn More about getting rid of bed bugs.

    Dust Mites

    Dust Mites are microscopic pests, akin to the spider. Unlike bed bugs, dust mites feed on the skin shed by people and pets. They, too, like to make their home on fabric laden items including mattresses, carpet, curtains, bedding, and upholstered furniture. They thrive in humid, warm spaces. While dust mites don’t bite, they do cause allergic reactions and asthma attacks.

    Eliminating These Pests – When to Call on the Professionals at Preferred Pest Control

    Regardless of how well you clean your home, dust mites are rarely eradicated, though they can be significantly reduced. Covering mattresses, and washing bedding regularly can help, as can vacuuming with a HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner. Adjust the humidity in your home to 50 percent or less and use HEPA filters in your HVAC unit. These tips can also help you keep bed bugs away.

    Should you find your Orange County home infested with bed bugs or dust mites, the best approach is to call on the professionals at Preferred Pest Control to keep you and your family safe while ridding your home of these pests.

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