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GOT FLEAS? How To Regain Control Of Your SoCal Home

  • GOT FLEAS? How To Regain Control Of Your SoCal Home

    GOT FLEAS? How To Regain Control Of Your SoCal Home

    As much as you love your furry family members, you certainly have no love for the fleas that often come along for the ride and infest your home. If you find your home infested with fleas, the team at Preferred Pest Control wants you to know, there are steps you can take to get rid of those pests and regain control of your home.

    Identify the Culprit

    Be sure the tiny pests in question are fleas and not some other equally annoying insect like bed bugs or dust mites. If you see “flea dirt” on your pets, usually on their stomach or backside, you are likely dealing with fleas. If you aren’t sure, pop on a pair of white socks and walk around, if you have fleas they’ll jump on the socks because they are attracted to light colors.

    Plan a Simultaneous Attack

    You’ll need to eliminate the fleas on your pets at the same time you eliminate the fleas in your home. If you don’t, the fleas will hop aboard your furry family members until the house is safe to re-infest. Check with your veterinarian for options safe for you pet like flea shampoo, flea collars, flea spray or flea control program. Treat your pet and then work on your home.

    Vacuuming regularly will help remove eggs, larvae, and adults, as long as you dispose of the vacuum contents each time. Flea traps, essential oils (cedar, lemongrass, lavender), and diatomaceous earth can also help. If the infestation is intense, you can try “flea bombs” or better yet call on the professionals at Preferred Pest Control to get eliminate your flea problem.

    Once you have your pet and your home free of fleas, you’ll also want to treat your yard or have the team at Preferred Pest Control take care of it for you. Once your yard is flea-free, consider adding cedar chips to cover warm, moist, or shady areas of your yard to keep fleas away.

    Keep Up the Good Work

    Once you have regained control of your home and your lawn, keep it that way with these simple steps:

    • Vacuum regularly
    • Bathe your pet often
    • Wash your pets bedding and soft toys each time they get a bath.

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    Preferred Pest Control is prepared to help you eliminate fleas from your home and garden, just call on the team to regain control.

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