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How to Keep Beetles Out of Your Home

  • How to Keep Beetles Out of Your Home

    How to Keep Beetles Out of Your Home

    It doesn’t take much to make a beetle happy – warmth, shelter from the elements, and just a bit of food. That’s why human homes are so appealing to them. As pest control specialists, we know this all too well.

    Here are a few of our top tips for keeping beetles out of your house or apartment:

    Keep Your Living Space Clean

    Like most household pests, beetles have a remarkable sense of smell. This makes it quite easy for them to detect even trace amounts of food or garbage – and to a beetle, there’s generally no difference between the two.

    Beetles will enter your home if they detect food, and will stay put if they can locate it (it doesn’t take much food to support such tiny critters). Make your home less inviting to unwanted pests by ensuring that your cabinets and countertops are free of open food containers, that spills are quickly cleaned up, and that carpets are vacuumed on a regular basis throughout the house.

    Secure Your Garbage Bins

    Beetles aren’t nearly as picky as we are about what makes a good meal. After all, one man’s garbage is another bug’s feast. Stop those smells from attracting insects by taking the garbage to the curb (well away from the walls of your house) on a regular basis, and secure your outdoor bins with tight-locking lids to contain the odor as much as possible.

    Seal Up Entry Points

    Food isn’t the only reason that pests try to enter homes – they crave warmth and shelter, too. And beetles, with their tiny bodies and wall-walking abilities, don’t exactly need an explicit invitation to get themselves indoors. But that doesn’t mean you have to make it any easier for them.

    Inspect your home periodically for holes/cracks in the wall, for doorframes that might have a small gap underneath (perhaps caused by decaying weather-stripping), or for windows that don’t quite seal properly. Address any possible beetle-entry points by caulking or otherwise sealing up the problem, or replacing damaged materials.

    How to Handle a Beetle Infestation

    These are all great tips to prevent beetle infestations, but what do you do if you’ve already got a beetle problem in your home?

    Like most household pests, beetles are generally shy around people and prefer to stay hidden when possible. If you’re finding them out in the open, the odds are good that there are far more beetles in the walls, under appliances, and in various places you can’t readily see them. This is where you’ll want some professional assistance.

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