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Crickets Mating Season is Here! What You Need to Know.

  • Crickets Mating Season is Here! What You Need to Know.

    Crickets Mating Season is Here! What You Need to Know.

    If Orange County homeowners and residents are noticing some chirping in and around their homes, there’s a good chance it’s crickets. Specifically, male crickets “chirp” (or sing) to woo a mate. They do this by moving their wings together, which produces a pitch so that female crickets can find them. For females in search of a mate, larger male crickets are preferable, which can be identified from their lower pitch. While male crickets singing in the evening or at night may lull (or annoy) homeowners, crickets in general can eat up and damage household items such as cotton and linen. Because of this, mating season or not, homeowners need to be on the lookout and get rid of an out-of-control cricket population as soon as possible. Not sure how to do that? Read on to find out!

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    How Homeowners Can Get Orange County Crickets Out of Their Homes

    Below are three do-it-yourself methods homeowners can use to get rid of pesky crickets.

    #1. Boric Acid to the Rescue

    Homeowners who are more comfortable with natural extermination methods should consider boric acid. All residents have to do is sprinkle this in cricket-friendly areas like damp and dark rooms and in dark cracks and crevices for boric acid to work its magic. The Seattle Times recommends homeowners mix the boric acid with a paste made up of flour, sugar, chopped onions, bacon drippings, and water to bait and exterminate crickets.

    As a rule of thumb, make sure boric acid mixtures are cleanly set on trays or aluminum foil to avoid a mess or stains. Also, since boric acid can be toxic when ingested, it’s best to keep children and furry friends away from this ingredient and surrounding areas sprinkled with boric acid or a boric-acid-based mixture.

    #2. A Vacuum Comes in Handy

    Want to know a simple and straightforward trick to banish crickets? Vacuum. Yep, regularly vacuuming carpets and floors will not just consistently suck up debris but crickets and other pesky creatures.

    #3. A Bird Feeder Is Your Outdoor Best Friend

    For dealing with backyard cricket infestations, install a birdfeeder, which attracts birds, one of crickets’ biggest predators. Enough said.

    Bonus: Dealing with an Out-of-Control Cricket Infestation? Let the Pros Help 

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