Orange County Residents – Need to Get Rid of Silverfish? – Orange County Pest Control

Orange County Residents – Need to Get Rid of Silverfish?

  • Orange County Residents – Need to Get Rid of Silverfish?

    Orange County Residents – Need to Get Rid of Silverfish?

    Orange County residents and homeowners most likely have encountered silverfish scurrying on their kitchen floors, in and around pantries, or up in the attic. Virtually any place that is cool and damp is bound to attract these silvery, three-tailed flat insects. Although these tiny, wingless creatures are relatively harmless to humans, anything starch-based is fair game; we’re talking not just starch foods but fabrics, paste, wallpaper, and books.

    Also, interesting fact: contrary to popular belief, silverfish are not known to carry diseases. Since silverfish are starch lovers, they can eat and damage such starch-concentrated items found around homes. So how do Orange County suburbanites save their starch foods and products and get rid of pesky silverfish infestations in and out of their homes? We’ve got answers.

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    Banish Annoying Orange County Silverfish and Reclaim Your Home

    Below are three useful ways homeowners and residents can get pest populations under control and reclaim their homes.

    #1. Keep the Dry Goods Sealed

    Dry goods, especially those that carry starch (e.g., typical pantry items like pasta, rice, cereal, quinoa, flour, and seeds), need to be stored in sturdy containers and sealed tight consistently. Such containers act as a physical barrier, protecting starchy foods from silverfish, which (much to residents’ horror) can crawl in cereals and grains.

    #2. A Little Cedar Goes a Long Way

    Guess what gets silverfish scurrying out the door? One word: cedar. Repel these creepy crawlers by placing pieces of cedar in and around silverfish-friendly areas like cold tile and dark cracks and crevices. As Apartment Therapy goes on to state, homeowners can opt for cedar oil instead, which has the same effect.

    #3. Trial and Error Silverfish Traps

    Homeowners in desperate need of pest relief can visit their local hardware or department store for silverfish traps. Consumers have their choice of tools, from indoor & perimeter pesticide sprays (which operate as a 2-in-1 bug exterminator and bug barrier) to silverfish packs (which uses boric acid to exterminate silverfish when ingested). Word of warning: indoor and outdoor pesticides and insecticides, and boric acid can be toxic when ingested; it’s best to keep children and furry friends away from sprayed areas and ingredients.

    Bonus: Let the Professionals Help

    Here at Preferred Pest Control OC, we offer many pest control, silverfish removal, and exterminator services in Orange County, Los Angeles, and surrounding areas. Our pest control experts are trained in solving your biggest bug problems. We have tons of satisfied customers to prove it. Contact us today at (714)-486-2637.

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