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Bees and Wasps + Other Sting Insects

  • Bees and Wasps + Other Sting Insects

    Bees and Wasps + Other Sting Insects

    While spring is nearly gone, bees and wasps are here to stay—that is until the season for such sting insects tails off in late fall. What this means for Orange County residents and homeowners? Be on the lookout for buzzing in walls and around the house, as bees can (and have) nested in the home.

    In fact, one North Virginia building recently contained as much as 70,000 bees and 100 (whopping) tons of honey—fortunately, it was abandoned!

    However, a non-abandoned residential house in New Jersey was not as lucky; homeowners found 30,000 bees buzzing in their walls. While both situations happened on the east coast, it’s important to note that west coast residents and homeowners can experience bee and wasp infestations as well.

    Read on to learn what to do if you notice some (unfriendly) buzzing in and around your home!

    Plus, when it comes to getting rid of infestations, it’s time to get proactive; contact Preferred Pest Control, the number one exterminators in Orange County, for inspection and extermination needs.

    A Word About Orange County Bees and Wasps

    While bees (and wasps) are insects not to mess with, bees in particular are great for the environment. Just how important are they? Well, did you know that as much as one-third of food is dependent on pollination, plus bees can produce 6,000 tons (!) of honey. Long story short, without bees pollinating fruits and vegetables, the planet would look a lot differently—and not in a good way.

    However, bees and their close cousins—wasps—have the potential to injure and in some cases, cause fatal harm with their venomous stings. Bees usually unleash about 50 micrograms of venom one time while wasps release roughly 2 to 15 micrograms of venom—per sting. Although only about 2% of adults are legitimately allergic to bee venom, with enough stings by a swarm anyone can get injured.

    Orange County Bees and Wasps Buzzing in and Around the House: What to Do?

    Bees may choose to nest in residential homes simply because there are not enough outdoor nesting options. That or the hive gets too large and bees are on the lookout for a new (cozier?) home.

    Either way, if homeowners suspect a bee (or wasp) infestation, do not try to spray or smoke them, as these insects can get agitated. Now is the time to contact an experienced and reliable exterminator to do the hard work for you. Contact Preferred Pest Control to get rid bee and wasp infestations for you. And, for more relevant information about local pests, be sure to check out our blog!

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