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What Bird Mites Do to Birds Nesting

  • What Bird Mites Do to Birds Nesting

    What Bird Mites Do to Birds Nesting

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    When homeowners think of spring-time pesky critters, bird mites probably don’t come to mind. That’s not to say they are any less of a nuisance than fellow insect cousins, fleas and lice. In fact, what makes bird mites stand out in the insect kingdom is their preference for birds’ nesting and bird blood (yummy?). 

    That’s where the problem starts. When homeowners have birds nesting around their homes, bird mites are bound to follow. Once birds leave, without a food source, bird mites resort to their second favorite host: yep, humans.

    How Bird Mites Wreak Havoc on Homeowner’s Residences 

    Now what replaces annoying chirping in the morning is an out-of-control bird mite infestation crawling on the walls and ceilings and yes, even in bedding — which, left to their own devices, can easily turn into a problem for homeowners.

    Normally found in warmer climates, which makes spring and early summer prime seasons for these annoying insects. Now is the time to get a hold on bird mites in Orange County before they jump from bird nests to homeowner’s residences. How to do that? Read more to get the details!

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    #1. Nests Gotta Go

    Remember, the simplest way to get rid of bird mites is to remove their number one food source: birds.

    This means once birds fly the coop, immediately throw nests away. Better yet, place a fake owl (or another predator) near birds’ usual nesting area to scare them away.

    #2. Insecticide Is a Great Second Defense

    For an extra barrier of protection, spray insecticide where nests were to banish bird mites. If you are uncomfortable using chemicals, consider a more natural exterminating alternative such as a 50/50 solution of rubbing alcohol (91%), orange oil, and vinegar.

    Homeowners can also regularly use this cleaning method in and around the home. Boric acid is another tried-and-true exterminating method for bird mites and other insects. 

    #3. For Out-of-Control Bird Mite Infestations

    Bird mite infestation gone awry? Contact Preferred Pest Control in Orange County for a quick-and-easy extermination process that bridges tried-and-true methods with the newest technologies. 

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