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Pests to Look Out for in 2018

  • Pests to Look Out for in 2018

    Pests to Look Out for in 2018

    Pests You Will Notice this Year

    The new year is here and, along with the cooler weather, you may not see so many pests lurking in the corners and crevices. However, they’re laying dormant, waiting for the warmer weather to come.

    Read on to learn about:

    • how insects regulate their temperatures
    • what you can do to prevent pests from calling your house their home
    • the reality of living in cities other than Southern California
    • the truth that, despite California’s dry weather, pests still come back when the weather changes
    • how Preferred Pest Control can help


    How Insects Regulate Temperature

    insects regulate temperature

    Insects look to the weather to regulate their temperatures. If it is hot outside, they will likely be spotted outside. If it is colder, they’ll scurry to the comfort of a warm place to lay low until the weather changes. It’s fairly straightforward – when it’s cold, you’ll see less insects. When it’s hot, you’ll see more. But here’s where things get tricky.

    Due to the unpredictability of Mother Nature lately, insects may or may not be roaming your bathroom floors and scurrying up the walls.

    A Dose of Prevention Doesn’t Hurt

    Nonetheless, this is where a dose of prevention comes into play. While it surely does not hurt to keep your house clean and consistently pick up food and vacuum crumbs, you need to make sure all entryways are securely closed—especially when temperatures are cooler and insects are seeking the comforts of your home.

    But It Depends on Where You Live

    In Florida, for instance, you won’t be surprised to see mosquitos flying around in the colder nights of January. In fact, supposedly, one-third of pests call Florida their home. So, no matter rain or shine, if you live more in the southeast you are bound to come across critters.

    California is Different

    Unlike Florida, which has more humid weather, California’s dry weather kills off the pests. As CBS News reports, California has entered a dry spell. However, what this means is pests may be lying dormant, but you can bet they’ll be out and about when the rain comes down.

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