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Spiders of Orange County

  • Spiders of Orange County

    Spiders are one of the most feared bugs on the planet. Get the facts on the different types of spiders that we have here in Southern California and learn how to chase them off your property with Preferred Pest Control!

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    Spider Facts

    Spiders are arachnids who have eight legs, venom injecting fangs, and are found all over the world. There exists tens of thousands of different species of spiders in the world, some dangerous and some harmless, each with their own unique abilities and special characteristics.

    As you probably already know, spiders mostly prey on insects and trap them in silk webbing that they are able to produce. Spider web shape and size vary from species to species and spiders use them not only for food but for egg sacs and dwelling spaces as well. Spider silk is known for its strength and elasticity and has been studied greatly due to its superiority over many synthetic materials.

    Other than the spider’s web, spider venom has been greatly researched as well for medical purposes. Almost all spiders have venom but remember that almost all spiders are not threats to humans! Spiders use venom for self defense and to subdue prey and only a select few spider species are capable of causing us harm.

    Some of the biggest spider threats include the Black Widow (shiny black with red hourglass shape on underside), Brown Recluse (dull brown with six eyes, smooth legs, and sometimes a violin shape on the top), and the Hobo Spider (often confused with Brown Recluse but has hairy legs and a herringbone pattern on its abdomen).

    If bitten by any dangerous spider, seek medical attention immediately as venom can cause fever, nausea, and loss of skin tissue which could require surgery.


    Spider Control

    Although we established that most spiders are harmless, they are still a nuisance and can quickly take over a house if you let them! Spiders can be found almost anywhere as some like moisture and some like dryness but they all like to hide in dark areas.

    Spiders usually find their way into homes through cracks, gaps, and poorly screened doors and windows on their search for prey. They are also known to hitchhike their way inside through boxes and outdoor equipment that is brought indoors. An easy way to start controlling spider population in your home is to seal all cracks and crevices you find within you property.

    If you find yourself overwhelmed with a spider infestation, call Preferred Pest Control today and have our spider exterminator specialists come up with a custom individualized control plan based on spider species and number of spiders present within your home or property.

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    Spider Management:

    • Inspection
    • Prevention
    • Controlling Spiders
    • Insecticides

    An inspection by our licensed Preferred Pest Control professional is required before any treatments can be performed.

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