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Yellow Jacket Wasps in OC

  • Yellow Jacket Wasps in OC

    It’s almost summer and that means it’s yellow jacket season! Be on the lookout for any ground wasps nests you find and call Preferred Pest Control if they become a nuisance!

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    Yellow Jacket Wasps

    The season for yellow jacket is upon us as yellow jackets are most active from May through October and reach their population peak around late summer. As you might have guessed, yellow jackets get their name from their yellow and black appearance. They have a very thin waist and measure up to 16mm.

    Yellow jacket wasps are distinguished from other types of wasps by being mostly ground-nesters. Yellow jackets are social wasps and their nests can often be located under steps, inside cracks in the ground, or by bases of trees, among other locations. The yellow jacket nest has a single opening compared to other wasp nests, like the paper wasp, who’s nest has a honeycomb appearance with multiple openings. The paper wasp may appear similar to yellow jacket wasps but their nests help tell them apart.


    Although yellow jackets serve some beneficial purpose to the eco-system by controlling certain insects and pollinating flowers, they are very aggressive insects and will attack if provoked. Unlike bees, the yellow jacket wasp can sting multiple times and do not die so if you are allergic to them, they can be very dangerous to your health. Some symptoms of a yellow jacket wasp allergy are severe swelling in areas of the body that were not stung, severe skin irritation, fainting/dizziness, or difficulty breathing. If you are stung by a yellow jacket and experience any of these symptoms, consult a medial professional immediately.


    Controlling Yellow Jacket Wasps

    If you see yellow jacket wasps nearby, you might have a nest around your property, but also be aware that these wasps can travel over 1,000 feet from their nest in an attempt to find food. Old nests might also be found as yellow jacket wasps don’t keep the same nests after their season ends and leaves it to decompose. However, if you are bothered by yellow jackets often or find a yellow jacket nest in your yard, we recommend you give Preferred Pest Control a call as professional care should be used when dealing with these dangerous insects.

    When you call Preferred Pest Control, we will inspect your property, locate yellow jacket activity and nest, and carefully and safely remove the nest and put out traps and other methods of control to eliminate any yellow jacket stragglers that are left behind. Call Preferred Pest Control today if a yellow jacket nest poses a risk in your area.

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    Yellow Jacket Wasp Management:

    • Inspection
    • Prevention
    • Controlling Yellow Jacket Wasps
    • Insecticides

    An inspection by our licensed Preferred Pest Control professional is required before any treatments can be performed.

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