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Stop Gophers from Digging up your Orange County Lawn

  • Stop Gophers from Digging up your Orange County Lawn

    Are gophers ruining your Orange County lawn? Get the facts and learn how to get rid of them.

    The Facts about Gophers

    What are Gophers? Gophers, or pocket gophers, are small rodents about 6-14 inches in length and come in a variation of different colors such as black, brown, to white. The pocket gopher has a sort of pouch outside its mouth that they use to transport food and this is how they got their name.

    Gophers are known for their burrowing skills, which comes naturally for them due to their large claws. They are particularly a nuisance in lawns and gardens where they create tunnels several hundred feet in length. Since the pocket gopher likes to create these tunnels, they are only active when the soil is good for digging, which is between the spring and fall seasons.
    The gopher diet consists of plants such as grasses and weeds, potatoes, underground plant stems and roots. Gophers are solitary creatures and are only social during their mating season and have the average litter size of three to four each year.

    What to do about Gophers

    So, how do you tell if you have a gopher infestation? The burrowing activity of the gopher usually gives them away pretty easily but there are other signs as well. Plants will be unhealthy in appearance from gophers eating the roots, underground wires and cables may become damaged, and the gopher’s ability to gnaw through pipes can damage agricultural and residential irrigation systems.

    If you have a gopher infestation, trying to control it yourself can be very difficult and is ill-advised. We recommend that you seek pest control professionals. At Preferred Pest Control, we will survey and evaluate the infected area, use traps, baits, and gasses to rid the area of gophers, and set up preventative measures to make sure gophers do not return.

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    Gopher Management:

    • Inspection
    • Prevention
    • Controlling Gophers
    • Insecticides

    An inspection by our licensed Preferred Pest Control professional is required before any treatments can be performed.

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    Did you know that Preferred Pest Control offers monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly Gopher Services tailored to your needs? It’s true! We also give two hour windows on our pest control services so you don’t have to spend your day waiting around for the entire day.

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    We offer many exterminator, Gopher Removal, and pest control services to the Orange County area and our Gopher specialists are fully trained to rid you of any future rodent problem you may be having.

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