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Controlling Snails/Slugs in OC

  • Controlling Snails/Slugs in OC

    It’s still summer and the snail/slug season isn’t over quite yet! Learn how to get rid of them from Preferred Pest Control!

    The Facts about Snails and Slugs:

    Both of these animals, snails and slugs, have soft bodies, move very slowly, and are typically 20-100mm in length. Unlike slugs, snails have shells and are able to use them as defense mechanisms incase of prey or dangerous weather conditions. In desperate cases, snails have shown to seal their shells and stay alive inside for years at a time!

    A perfect habitat for both the snail and the slug would be somewhere damp and hidden, such as under rocks, logs, and other under ground cover. They usually stay out of sight during the daytime and come out to feed on plant leaves at night. The snail needs calcium in it’s diet due to it’s shell so they will feed on limestone or painted surfaces in addition to plants.

    Snails and slugs lay eggs in the spring and summer months which hatch in a couple days and grow into adults within a few months. Both animals are known for living for several years.

    Controlling a  Snail and or Slug Infestation:

    Spotting a snail or slug is rather easy as they leave behind trails of slime when they move around that stay visible for days. Another sign of a snail/slug infestation would be the feeding damage done to plant leaves scattered around your home.

    To control snails and slugs and prevent their population from growing, start by getting rid of any possible hiding spaces that offer dampness. Get stands/racks for your potted plants to keep them off the ground and remove any logs or stones that could serve as a hiding place. Be sure to secure all exterior doors to prevent snails and slugs from entering your home. Air circulation and reducing dampness is important when dealing with snails and slugs so make sure vents are open within your home and running a dehumidifier could also be a smart idea. If you have trouble finding any snails or slugs, wait until dark and see if you can follow any of their slimy trails.

    Reducing moisture is key to getting rid of snails and slugs so non-chemical treatment is proven to be the best solution for controlling these creatures. When you call Preferred Pest Control, we will inspect your home or structure, locate where the snails and or snails congregate, and introduce habitat elimination techniques to make sure their numbers don’t grow so your plants can live healthy and happily.

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    Snail and Slug Management:

    • Inspection
    • Prevention
    • Controlling Snail and Slugs
    • Insecticides

    An inspection by our licensed Preferred Pest Control professional is required before any treatments can be performed.

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