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Preventing and Controlling Wasps

  • Preventing and Controlling Wasps



    There exists a lot of different species of wasps in nature, ranging from colors such as black, green, and blue while measuring to a few centimeters in length. These insects have two pairs of wings and a pinched abdomen. Like bees, wasps feed from flowers and act like pollinators but they are much more predatorily than bees, thus act as pest control for other types of insects and this is where their primary contribution to the environment lies.

    Like bees, wasps can either be solitary or social insects. The social type lives in colonies along with a great number of other wasps. A size of a wasp colony can reach up to the thousands! Many wasps are aggressive insects, which means they sting when they are threatened but unlike bees, they can sting more than once so be careful and use caution when dealing with wasp infestations.

    Spring is the season where wasps can become more abundant as this is the time where the wasp queen lays eggs that produce worker wasps who build nests and feed larvae. If you see any nests around your home, this is the most likely sign of a beginning wasp infestation.

    Wasp Prevention

    Here are some DIY tips to remember for wasp prevention:

    Try to avoid squashing wasps as the squashed wasp can release pheromones that attract other wasps to that area.

    Use less strong smelling scents as wasps are attracted to sweet smells.

    Wasps are also attracted to bright colors.

    Be sure to remove all food left outside in a timely manner and cover drinks and open food containers. Pick up all fallen fruit and be careful when walking around barefoot.

    Keep your home wasp free by securing all cracks in windows, screens, and doors.

    If your home or building is in need of a wasp infestation removal, call Preferred Pest Control at (714) 486-2637 and our licensed professionals will inspect the area and select the best course of action regarding the varies wasp control methods such as traps, insecticide, and physical removal.


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    Wasp Management:



    Controlling Wasps


    An inspection by our licensed Preferred Pest Control professional is required before any treatments can be performed.

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