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Wasps & Bees can be scary and dangerous!

  • Wasps & Bees can be scary and dangerous!

    Wasps & Bees can be scary and dangerous in Orange County or anywhere for that matter! If you have a dangerous infestation of Wasps or Bees the first thing you want to do is move yourself, your pets etc… away from the nest ASAP and give us a call @ 714-916-0173.

    So, whats the difference between Wasps and Bees you say? Wasps are slender with smooth bodies and skinny legs while bees are mostly hairy with robust, flat legs for gathering pollen. Sometimes you can see big bunches of pollen on the back of the bees legs. Pollen is important to humans because it pollinates our plants (aka: Food).

    Lets talk about Wasps in Orange County:

    wasps in orange county caPaper Wasps
    Paper wasps are generally around ¾ inch to 1 inch long, have segmented bodies and usually yellow and brown striped. They make their nests by mixing spit and tree bark and build a multi celled nest under eaves, rafters, and door frames. They are not aggressive unless their nests are disturbed

    Mud Daubers
    These wasps range from ¾ inch to 1 inch, and are sleek and generally black. They make their nests out of mud and normally attach them to walls, eaves, and doorframes. They do not live in colonies and are not social. They do not defend their nests and do not really pose a threat.

    Yellow Jackets
    Yellow Jackets are very similar in appearance to wasps and typically have a yellow and black head and a patterned striped abdomen. They nest in the ground or areas like eaves or attics. They can be dangerous to humans because they can be aggressive and sting repeatedly.

    Hornets are similar to the paper wasps in appearance but tend to be slightly larger. They build large paper nests that can be ball shaped when hanging from a tree branch or attic or flush against a wall or a hollow tree. They are very aggressive while defending their nests and are considered dangerous to anyone or anything disturbing their nests

    Yep, these guys can be a real problem. Don’t wait, call today @ 714-916-0173.

    Lets talk about Bees in Orange County: 

    Honey Bees
    Bees Orange County Pest ControlHoney Bees are oval shaped, around ½ inch in length with yellow and brown bands. They are a social insect and can be aggressive and dangerous while defending their nests, but docile while foraging. They can only sting once and then die but they attack invaders in large numbers. They are one of the most beneficial insects due to their pollination of over 100 crops and plants.

    Carpenter Bees
    Carpenter Bees resemble a black bumble bee. It is large and intimidating but they are not social insect and do not defend their nests. They can be destructive while boring into wooden posts, rafters, siding, etc. but are not aggressive and pose no real threat.

    Check out our other blog posting on Bees

    Don’t let Wasp or Bee problems ruin your day!

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