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Bee Prevention

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    Spring is here!  The sun is shining bright, barbeques are being pulled out, kids are playing in the streets, beaches are getting crowded, flowers are blooming, and bees are a-buzzing!  Wait! Bees?  That’s right! The arrival of spring also means the arrival of bees, and even though bees are beneficial to the environment, most of us do not want them building a hive on our property.  So how do you keep that from happening? Unfortunately there is nothing you can do to ensure that you do not get bees on your property, but you can help make your property less appealing to them.

    Bees on flower (pic by Michel Royon)

    Inspect the exterior of your home and seal/caulk any cracks and crevices you find in the walls, foundation, and eaves.

    Fill or seal holes 1/8 of an inch or larger on the exterior of all structures on your property.  This includes holes in sheds, garages, walls surrounding your property, and trees.  (Yes trees! Bees love to build hives in the hollowed out holes in trees because it protects them from the elements and predators).

    Make sure hollow tubes on your children’s swing set are capped.

    Check the flashing around your chimney and make sure there is no separation.  We often find this is where the bees have built their hives when we get calls from people saying they have bees inside their chimney.

    Make sure there are screens on all vents.  Ensure that there are no holes in the screens and that the screens are secure. If possible, also screen the hole in your irrigation/water meter box.

    bees in water meter box

    Keep sheds and exterior water heater closets tightly closed.  Bees like to build their hives in enclosures that are infrequently used.

    Cover hot tubs and pools when not in use and make sure the panels to hot tub and pool motors are securely closed.

    Remove any trash or debris such as empty flower pots, cardboard boxes, stacks of crates, or old appliances.  We get lots of calls about bee hives inside dressers that were left on balconies or porches!

    If you have a hummingbird feeder, make sure you have one with a bee guard or one with a basin that keeps bees, as well as wasps, away from the nectar in the feeder.

    Some people recommend limiting or eliminating pollen on your property, but this is generally not an effective deterrent.

    Bee on flower (Photo by Darafsh) Kaviyani

    Inspect your home and property regularly for bee activity.  Don’t forget to look up at your roof line and your chimney!  If you see just a few bees around your flowers or pool, don’t panic! Bees will fly a couple miles to find food and water.  If you see a large number of bees going in and out of openings or holes, bees may have begun building a hive on your property.  You should have them treated or removed immediately before the problem gets out of hand.  Once a hive is established, THE BEES WILL NOT GO AWAY ON THEIR OWN!  If you find you have bees, it is generally recommended that you do not attempt to remove or treat the bees on your own.  Call a professional beekeeper to remove the hive without killing the bees, or calls us at (714) 916-0173 to treat the bees and remove the hive.

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